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a native or inhabitant of Borneo

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The 10 Bornean datus reportedly bought the entire Panay Island from the Aytas with gold jewelry.
A large chunk of their 64 population areas have fewer than 100 primates, "the assumed threshold for viability of Bornean orangutan populations," the study says.
Abby Loton, marketing co-ordinator at Thew Arnott, said: "Last year it was announced that Bornean orangutans moved one step closer to extinction due partly to the disappearance of their natural habitat from intensive farming for palm oil.
Staff also welcomed seven chilean flamingos, Bornean bloodsucker lizards, one citron-crested cockatoo, one okapi, two green tree pythons and two panther chameleons.
Humans more than less than e 00 ean only It is critically endangered mainly because of the shocking impact of deforestation in the Bornean orangutan habitat.
Humans more than less than It is critically endangered mainly because of the shocking impact of deforestation in the Bornean orangutan habitat.
Until now, the orangutan has been classified as belonging to two distinct species reflecting their geographical distribution: the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) and the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii).
The outcasts include wise Bornean orangutan Maurice (Karin Konoval), chimpanzee Rocket (Terry Notary) and brave Western lowland gorilla Luca (Michael Adamthwaite).
Warning: Keep distance from the Bornean orangutans as they're liable to spit at you, particularly when they're in a sulky mood-and their spitting distance is just incredible.
The Bornean orangutan has been placed on a critically endangered list by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
Senior keeper Jodie Dryden showered the Bornean orangutan with the soapy bubble mix - and Sprout couldn't believe her eyes as they floated over the moat.
In some Austronesian, including Bornean, societies, such cultural attitude towards "blood" even led to the lexical substitution of the word for 'blood,' as e.
In 2001, ZIKV seropositivity was demonstrated in a native Bornean, 2 migrants to Borneo, and 2 Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) (9).
In one place the authors appear to describe the Batak and Gayo people of Sumatra, as well as Bornean Dayaks, as being 'orang hutan (people of the forest)' (p.