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borlotti bean boulangeres| Meat lovers might enjoy...
Yes Most Popular meal: Slow roast belly pork with horseradish rosti and chorizo and borlotti bean cassoulet When do you serve food?
By Jenni Bayliss Borlotti bean, tomato and curly kale soup AUTUMN is here again, bringing with it all manner of coughs and colds.
For the rest of September, chefs will be serving an array of dishes made using only organic produce, including brown trout with tomato and borlotti bean and braised fennel.
Pasta and borlotti bean soup Serves six Ingredients Two 400g tins borlotti beans drained One onion finely chopped One litre (1.75pts) chicken or vegetable stock One tablespoon tomato puree 150g (6oz) small soup pasta or macaroni Two basil leaves Sprig rosemary Six tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Method Put beans into a pan of unsalted water, bring to the boil, turn down heat and simmer for one hour.
The biggest downside is that lima beans are harder to digest than other beans Borlotti bean (A variety of kidney bean) - a large, plump bean, pinkish brown in colour Chilli bean - Very similar to pinto beans, only they''re smaller and rounder.
The upstairs is where you can sip your coffee in quiet contemplation or opt for what the restaurant calls 'light bites' that range from grilled Merguez sausages, spiced cous cous, smoked baby aubergines and pomegranate molasses to tomato and pimento chicken breast on a salami, spinach, borlotti bean and rosemary salad.
Parma ham and melon (pounds 4.95), tuna and borlotti bean salad (pounds 3.95) and vegetarian antipasto (pounds 3.95) were just some of the dishes available, but being rather unadventurous in our choice of food, my pal and I decided to just share some pane con aglio (pounds 2.20) - that's Italian garlic bread to you and me - with cheese on top.
For starters (from a choice of at least 17) I opted for tuna, borlotti bean and onion salad in an Italian vinaigrette (pounds 5.50), while Dale had whitebait, deep fried, sprinkled with cumin and lemon juice with a spiced Tunisian chilli harissa dip (pounds 5.95) - and they were fantastic.
The sea bass, presented elegantly on three delicate mounds of green beans, spinach and a rich borlotti bean stew, was tender and succulent.
As ever, my mum didn't really know what she wanted, but after a few changes eventually settled on the lamb and borlotti bean broth with tomato and root vegetables (pounds 3.95).
The breast of duck, celeriac puree, spinach and roasted apple (pounds 17.50) was in the frame, as was the monkfish, crushed new potatoes, borlotti bean and vegetable broth (pounds 17.50).
Antipasto with grilled breads, salami, Parma ham, chorizo, Serrano ham, sundried tomatoes, organic kalamata olives, borlotti bean and mint salad, buffalo mozzarella, caper berries, extra virgin oil and basil pounds 5.95 for one, pounds 11.95 for two
When I visited the lunch menu offered a five starters - soup of the day, pate, bruschetta, tuna and borlotti bean salad and Caprese salad.