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an ancient Greek city on the slopes of Mount Parnassus

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Everyone gets involved Sarah and Terie Ann Docharty with Alan Borland
Located within the catchment area for Strathaven Academy, the top performing high school in the region, Borland Walk will be especially popular with families looking for their perfect home in an attractive countryside location but within easy reach of Glasgow.
After supper Kath presented Angie with the Borland Cup and the raffle was drawn.
Mrs Borland said she suffered night terrors, and spent periods walking round the house, checking window and door locks.
Borland, an engaging and witty speaker and writer warns: "Too many people fall into the trap of assuming that they and their thoughts are an endless source of fascination to the world at large.
Sharman's lawyer's told Mr Borland: "You were a man on a mission to fight," but Mr Borland denied it.
As its core business grew, The Borland Group received numerous requests from family offices and institutional money managers to get the opportunity to invest alongside an industry leader.
In addition, Borland was ordered to pay PS400 compensation to the bar manager who had to witness his disgusting behaviour and PS400 to Pc Andrew Collis.
'There was no way we were going to give up on her,' Cannon told Borland. 'I burst into tears when I was told the news.
Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate, a part of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has said that Dan Borland will join the company as the head of the Commercial Real Estate office in Irvine, California, in early July.
Wary of head trauma, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland is leaving football.
But dedicated volunteer Dougie Borland insists THEY inspire him.
and Borland, a Micro Focus company, today announced the formation of an alliance aimed at leveraging Borland's test automation tools and Trigent's outsourced product engineering experience across industry domains.
Tyler Borland, a security researcher from security firm Alert Logic even released a script that took advantage of multicore CPUs to run multiple Facebook phone number search processes concurrently.