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Russian writer whose best known novel was banned by Soviet authorities but translated and published abroad (1890-1960)

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It is also the land of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky of 'Swan Lake' fame; Alexander Pushkin, known as the Russian Shakespeare; Boris Pasternak, 1958 Nobel Prize winner in Literature; and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, another Nobel Prize winner also in Literature for 'The Gulag Archipelago.'
Boris Pasternak did so under pressure from Soviet authorities in 1958 and Jean-Paul Sartre, who declined all official honors, turned it down in 1964.
He has written a bestselling biography of Boris Pasternak and several successful novels.
Another major creative outlet for her was the extensive correspondence she maintained with major poets such as Boris Pasternak and Rainer Marie Rilke.
Making a musical of "Doctor Zhivago" (based on the 1957 novel by Boris Pasternak, by way of the 1965 David Lean movie with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie) seems like a bold undertaking.
Visually beautiful but one-dimensional, the show that opened Tuesday at the Broadway Theatre is breathless and bombastic to the point of silly, undercutting not only the novel by Boris Pasternak but also some really wonderful actors in Tam Mutu and Kelli Barrett, and what could have been a memorable score by Lucy Simon.
[beaucoup moins que] Le docteur Jivago [beaucoup plus grand que] de Boris Pasternak ou le personnage principal est interprete par Omar Sharif, [beaucoup moins que] Z [beaucoup plus grand que] de Costa Gavras seront a l'affiche ainsi que [beaucoup moins que] L'Amour au temps du cholera [beaucoup plus grand que].
David Lean's epic drama based on Boris Pasternak's novel, starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin, Rod Steiger, Ralph Richardson, Alec Guinness, Tom Courtenay, Klaus Kinski, Siobhan McKenna, Bernard Kay and Adrienne Corri.
Art after philosophy; Boris Pasternak's early prose.
1 Doctor Zhivago (1965) DIRECTOR David Lean turned the Russian masterpiece by Boris Pasternak into a big screen epic with a script by Robert Bolt and Omar Sharif and Julie Christie as the romantic leads.
By the time she was eighteen Marina had become a well-known presence on the Russian literary scene and her close relationships with writers such as Boris Pasternak (who appreciated her technical brilliance) and Osip Mandelstam (who was in love with her) only promoted her even more.
The Bill Mauldin Pulitzer Prize cartoon showing Boris Pasternak remarking to another prisoner in the Soviet Gulag, "I won the Nobel Prize for literature.