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Argentinian writer remembered for his short stories (1899-1986)

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In Borgesian terms (or, similarly, in terms familiar from Blanchot, Mallarme, Roland Barthes, or Edmond Jabes), each book is the totality of all books, and at the same time each book can only be known in its difference from all other books.
The desperate, even heroic, search for knowledge takes on qualities of a Borgesian mystical quest which may permit the characters to experience the momentary satisfaction of understanding the purpose of their lives and which may give them a key to discovering the meaning of their physical illness and suffering, their loneliness, and their seeming insignificance in the world.
The novel tells the story of a journalist named Jean-Luc Terradillos, who is working on a biography of a legendary, elusive and, yes, somewhat Borgesian novelist named Alejandro Bevilacqua, who died some 30 years earlier.
In El Informe, his second novel, Kohan pits two historians writing about the period of Argentine independence against one another in a playful and ironic parody of Borgesian themes and the postmodernist deconstruction of disciplinary boundaries.
So perfect, in fact, that the question of whether that game exists in the phenomenal world or only in an alternative, Borgesian one makes very little difference.
And there's no reason to think that still other elements cannot imitate other elements, or even all the elements imitate all the other elements--an utterly Borgesian mess.
The story ends with a very Borgesian moment when Bauer realizes that the Codex Cardona is probably lost forever ("like Hemingway's big fish torn apart by the sharks") and that all that remains of it is the book he himself has written (170).
In the same post-modernist, Borgesian, Pynchonite, late Rothian vein, Leviant concludes his narrative by offering up alternative endings: a "real" one "as authorized by the publisher and published by the author" followed by a "true" one as "approved by the novel's hero, Ayzik Klass himself in a post-hum[or]ous letter.
Kopcewicz relentlessly trains us to think about literature as a Borgesian garden of endlessly forking paths, a multicursal, organic labyrinth, with endless interconnected routes, proliferating entries, twists, cross-roads as well as unexpected openings.
Even traditional mass-produced books now come to market in an increasingly open, networked environment where their fates are determined not by newspaper reviewers alone, but also by the collective judgment of readers on Amazon and social networking sites such as GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari, where visitors upload and share lists of books in their libraries, post reviews and ratings, and find like-minded readers, all in a vast Borgesian labyrinth of visible hyperlinks.
Poe is a constant point of reference for Borges the critic, right across his career, both in a series of dedicated articles and in multiple fugitive references scattered over the Borgesian oeuvre.
Brings a Borgesian space-warp to the East Anglian landscapes of my youth
Many collaborators joined Kaufman for this journey: set designer Derek McLane, who created a Borgesian, labyrinthian archive and elaborate moving panels for the set; costume designer Janice Pytel; lighting designer David Lander; sound designer Andre Pleuss; projection designer Jeffrey Sugg; choreographers Daniel Pelzig and Peter Anastos; my fellow dramaturg Shirley Fishman; pianists Ning Yu and Diane Walsh; script wranglers Martin Kettling and Jimmy Maize; artistic directors Christopher Ashley and Air Edelson; and many gifted actors.
In this matter, as in so many, Chinese painting is a Borgesian phenomenon: instead of uncovering the truth, we learn to smile at the very notion.
Pavic shapes the world of his stories and novels as a Borgesian synthesis of personal experiences and multifaceted historical, literary, and philosophical experiences.