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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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Borg was often called 'Ice Man' for his unwavering focus in the game and his silent, brooding and introverted personality.
So contrary to most sports films, this thought-provoking victory seems a defeat for both Borg and McEnroe.
Danish film-maker Janus Metz Pedersen immortalises this battle of fortitude and sweat-drenched resilience in Borg Vs McEnroe.
This acquisition of the Benelux operations is an important step in accelerating the vertical integration of the BjA[pilcrow sign]rn Borg operations and in line with the strategy to get closer to consumers and retailers.
Mohammed Al-Shroogi, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Investcorp, commented, "The investment in Al Borg reaffirms our commitment to supporting regional businesses that are committed to growth and expansion.
In this regard, Parliamentary Secretary Borg stated that the strengthening of relations with the Members of the European Parliament and political groups are key to the success of the Maltese Presidency.
Neil Fodor, prosecuting, said Borg was accused of crashing into another car due to his "prolonged bad driving in a built-up area".
Alongside scholars such as John Dominic Crossan, Borg was a leader in the Jesus Seminar, which brought a skeptical eye to the Scriptures and in particular to supernatural claims about Jesus' miracles and his resurrection from the dead.
Borg also backed the works carried out by the current Barroso II Commission and pledged to push dossiers that have lain fallow for a while.
Borg overcame general opposition from gay rights groups, liberals, green MEPs, and left-wing MEPs who at the last minute appeared bolstered by an announcement from the EP's socialists' group that it was calling for a rejection of Borg as commissioner.
Danny Butler has boxed in Prizefighter, he's fought for the British title and the Commonwealth title and he's held the British Masters title," said Borg.
I started playing tennis because of Borg - I adored him.
McEnroe replaced Borg at the top of the tennis pile, but while he collected the US Open and the Wimbledon crowns in the same year, without Borg he lost an important element of his motivation, or as Tignor puts it: "With other opponents, McEnroe competed against his own potential, his own expectations of perfection.
The latest acquisition comes as part of Al-Borg's strategy to expand its geographical footprint further into Middle Eastern markets, Al Borg said in a statement.
Egypt-based Al Borg Laboratories, the Middle East's largest medical-testing company controlled by funds managed by Abraaj Capital, has received the accreditation ISO15189 from Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC).