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At this time, there is no documented research suggesting that the Emerald Ash Borer beetle invades species other than Ash.
The widespread damage of the emerald ash borer beetle has wreaked havoc with foresters, lumber industries, private owners, and the makers of baseball bats all across the Midwest.
One of his current projects involves partnering with the Ministry of Natural Resources to identify biomarkers in trees that have been infested by the damaging emerald ash borer beetle. March believes that when ash trees try to defend themselves against the beetles, their metabolism changes to produce defensive compounds that, alas, attract the beetles leading to more voracious attacks upon the trees.
It resists the European corn borer beetle, some moth pests, and withstands the herbicide glufosinate-ammonium.
It is estimated that the arrival of the large grain borer beetle into Tanzania cost the African country half a billion dollars in lost maize.
Your berry plants are being attacked by cane borers--probably the larvae of the black and orange raspberry cane borer beetle or of the raspberry crown borer.
A recent discovery, the change of appetite of the cactus borer beetle, moneilema semipunctatum, to include the Wright fishhook has raised questions as to what may be happening in the environment overall.
In the wake of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle invasion that claimed more than 1,200 trees in Bensenville, the village is in the midst of a long-term project to both restore its urban canopy and make it bigger and stronger.
A wood boring insect often found in roof or floor timbers is the bark borer beetle. This is one we can forget.
Though timing of its arrival is not known, it is likely to have arrived from Asian ports in wood packaging material much like Asian emerald ash borer beetle (Haack 2006).
An--called the emerald ash borer beetle is killing off North America's ash trees.
Their pesticide formulation and hand-held injection system has been a valuable tool in the fight against the emerald ash borer beetle.