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Synonyms for boreal

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Synonyms for boreal

comprising or throughout far northern regions


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Species which produced the most seed mass in moist soil unit six exclosures included Abutilon theophrasli, Setaria pumila, and Echinochloa muricata, while the species which produced the most reproductive biomass in the open areas included Abutilon theophrasli, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, and Dichanthelium boreale.
2 2.01 15.46 <0.01 C=M>H Hydrolithon boreale 2 0.17 0.54 0.61 C = Control pC[O.sub.2]; M = Medium pC[O.sub.2]; H = High pC[O.sub.2].
Iaxartes (Chasma Boreale) cut into the late spring cap: on Apr 22 there was a slight indentation in the NPC S.
In all areas, preferring moist sites, grows Plantago major L.; Plantago media L, Rumex confertus Willd., Galium boreale L.
Multi-Energy, a local green tech company, and Geothermie Boreale, a Quebec heat pump manufacturer, worked together to build the geothermal system, which was constructed in the greenhouse that grows tomatoes-Multi-Energy built and installed 88 metal posts to distribute the heat from the ground, while Geothermie Boreale focused on the thermal pumps, and the connection to the control system.
(12) Mentelle and Malte-Brun (1804:463, 473, 494) had used 'boreale' for north and both 'septentrionale' and 'australe' for south; Brue's terms are 'septentrionale' and 'meridionale'; Poirson's are 'boreale' and 'australe'.
(6) Golbery (S.M.), Fragments d'un voyage en Afrique fait pendant les annees 1785, 1786 et 1787 dans les contrees occidentales de ce continent par 20 degres, 47 minutes, 30 secondes, latitude boreale, p.
(98) In some poems Oldisworth's discursive patter is entirely appropriate; for example, in the longish "Iter Australe, 1632, Or, A journey southwards," modelled, as Gouws notes, on "Iter Boreale" by the Dean of Christ Church, Richard Corbett.
boreale Yoshida Agardh (1824: 301, et Horiguchi, S.
XV Amerique Boreale. Paris: Librairie Hachette et Co., 1890, 261.
"Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland) et ses bancs," dans Amerique boreale, 1890, vol.
L'ouvrage se poursuit avec les travaux effectues par l'ethnologue et botaniste Jacques Rousseau aupres des Amerindiens dans la foret boreale. En analysant leurs rites de passage et les manifestations face a la mort, ses recherches contribuent a expliciter leur fidelite aux traditions ancestrales, mais aussi la permeabilite de leurs rites funeraires face a la nouveaute.
scindicus (Yadav and Krishna, 1986; Arshad et al., 2009; Nisar et al., 2010), Hedysarum boreale (Johnson et al., 1989), E.
One of the most distinctive features of the northern ice cap is Chasma Boreale, a canyon about as long as Earth's Grand Canyon but deeper and wider.