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Synonyms for boreal

Synonyms for boreal

comprising or throughout far northern regions


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Alliance forE[logical not]t boreale unites the communities and current and retired forestry sector workers in the Saguenay--Lac-Saint-Jean region to promote development linked to the sustainable management of the boreal forest.
Jack Holt, of the University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics and lead author of the paper focusing on Chasma Boreale, said: "Nobody realized that there would be such complex structures in the layers.
Boreale was herself a talented racemare, having won the Group 3 Prix des Reservoirs at two and finished second in the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches the following spring, and the female line has long been distinguished in France, generally in the stud of the Comtes de Chambure.
Le regime naturel des incendies forestiers: un guide pour l'amenagement durable de la foret boreale.
We describe observations of the acoustic behavior of the scaly cricket Hoplosphyrum boreale (Scudder), a common scaly-cricket (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Mogoplistinae) of southern California and the desert southwest.
Mio caro Ben (gia ti dissi a Schifamondo che fra le molte arti della divinazione io esercito anche l'onomanzia traendo presagi dai nomi, e che Ben e un dio dei marli, una specie di Nettuno boreale, e che in Ito leggo, il verbo imperatorio nostro latino Itur "si va, si va, si va") da piu giorni differisco questa lettera perche ho molto sofferto di quel mio malanno.
Botrychium boreale and Botrychium gallicomontanum are putative tetraploids, and the identity of the chloroplast parents of these two species is unknown.
Ses travaux de recherche portent sur la chimie des produits naturels issus de la foret boreale et leur potentiel medicinal.
Il s'avere donc avantageus de connaitre la lithologie des erratiques des rives du Saint-Laurent estuarien compte tenu de la difficulte d'effectuer des releves exhaustifs dans la foret boreale.
Timp Utah sweetvetch, Hedysarum boreale, belongs to the legume family, so it is a relative of peas and beans.
Los Angeles Times Travel Show giveaways include a chance to win an all-inclusive trip for two to Yukon, Canada from Boreale Explorers; an international adventure from Explore
5% Cleome serrulata Separate Individual Seed: 10 lbs of Hedysarum boreale ***
salicina community (Molinion) has a high frequency of Succisa pratensis, Galium boreale, Inula salicina, and Geum rivale, which are absent or very rare in the S.
It will also be possible to see rifts in the cap, including Chasma Boreale.