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of a great variety of habitats from southern Alaska to Baja California west of the Rockies


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Erin Muths, began monitoring boreal toad populations within Rocky Mountain National Park.
In an effort to keep the boreal toad from going the way of so many others, the USGS has been working to understand all aspects of the fungus and its impact on the toads.
Once widespread and abundant throughout Rocky Mountain National Park, the boreal toad is now a rare sight.
5 Breeding boreal toads. With a tight grip around the female's chest, a male boreal toad fertilizes the thousands of eggs she produces.
Dedicated to understanding the factors associated with amphibian decline, the agency's scientists come to this site again and again to monitor one of the last remaining populations of boreal toads in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Data collected from park populations and other populations of boreal toads allow researchers to examine demographic characteristics such as survival and recruitment (the addition of new breeding adults into a population), and to look at patterns in movements and breeding events.
Even with the species on the verge of extirpation, there are still signs of hope for the boreal toads of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Braving the frigid temperatures, USGS researchers Erin Kenison and Leah Swartz spend many long nights looking for boreal toads in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Boreal toads in Colorado have been attacked not just by the chytrid, but also by a bacterium, Aeromonas hydrophila.
Arizona and Colorado: leopard frogs and boreal toads have declined sharply since the late 1970s.
At the Colorado study site, a monitoring team found dead and dying boreal toads in May, and Green's microscopic exam revealed chytrid infection.
The restoration facility is a complex of seven buildings with aquariums and circular tanks housing nine species of endangered fish and long bathtubs filled with hundreds of endangered boreal toads.
"Leopard frogs, boreal toads, spotted frogs and tiger salamanders are experiencing serious declines" he says.