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hole made by a burrowing worm

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The well showed positive indications of hydrocarbons whilst drilling and preparations are now being made to commence testing of this bore hole in the immediate future.
In reality, the piston does not follow a perfectly smooth up and down motion, but instead touches at points within the bore hole.
Normal procedure when loading small-diameter bore holes is to place the primer stick in the bottom or back of the bore, followed by slit sticks tamped to swell them into the entire diameter of the bore.
The bore hole is one of the biggest sports irrigation systems in Europe and is estimated to save the club more than pounds 40,000 a year in water costs.
THE world's largest and most precise internal micrometer system, which can measure bore holes down to an exact millimeter, made its UAE debut at the Middle East Manufacturing Exhibition (Memex 2011) which concluded recently at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.
Rescue workers are drilling two wider bore holes into the mine where they can pull the men out.
Health Minister Jaime Manalich said rescue workers had managed to finish a second narrow bore hole which will be dedicated to channeling drinking water to the miners and keeping communications flowing.
After failing to secure an adequate supply from bore holes drilled on the farm, we turned our attention to rainwater and water collected in two ponds on the farm.
53 metres vertically down hole to the end of the bore hole.
Bore hole water is initially used to reduce the temperature of the fries from 95[degrees]C to 40[degrees]C, with the temperature then further reduced to -18[degrees]C through the use of pumped ammonia.
The construction of the bore hole is complete and the children, teachers and communities close to the school are enjoying the water.
They are working with some junior mining companies to integrate years' worth of bore hole data into one comprehensive model.
Plotting the location of soil bore holes which have the true longitude and latitude position on the agricultural GIS map, the position of bore hole showed the number of soil's group, as shown in fig 3.
They will be able to complete a bore hole into a finished productive well, complete well records and reports as required by the industry, and complete well records and reports as required by government.
A row has broken out between a West Midlands water company which is seeking to take water from a bore hole and an NHS Trust.