Border terrier

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small rough-coated terrier of British origin

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The border terrier, with its characteristic "otter head," is a small, rough-coated dog weighing under 20 pounds.
Pamela said: "This little Border Terrier will always be so special to me.
Pamela said: "This little Border Terrier will always be so special to me, she has given me a new sense of life and I love her unconditionally for that.
Breeds the students are keenest to groom include: wire haired, such as West Highland Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Scottish Terrier and Schnauzer; wool coated such as Poodle, Bichons, Cavapoo and Cavichon; double coated such as Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian and Pekinese; her own salon, said: "If you have a friendly, well-behaved dog who would like to be pampered and groomed in our brand new facility, we want to hear from you."
The male border terrier was thrown from the footbridge on Lingham Lane, Moreton, where he landed on wasteland.
Mitch is a 15-month-old border terrier who lives with his owner Thomas in Kilmarnock.
Maggie is a very well informed Border Terrier, and in this comprehensive guide she shares all eight years of her wisdom.
Sandie and border terrier Crumble spend hours out in the countryside around the Holme Valley and her stunning pictures often feature in the Examiner and on national television.
In a series of YouTube videos, her five-year-old border terrier Bramble appears to say "hello" and her name.
Border terrier Maggie Mayhem, Scottish tennis star Andy Murray's dog, is to become a published author when her book How to Look After Your Human: A Dog's Guide is released next June, The Scotsman newspaper revealed on Tuesday.
Two year old Border Terrier Maggie Picture by Molly June
But for every German pointer called Swiss Tony and pug known as Sir Alan, there are still plenty of more mundane names - such as Keith (cat), Dwayne (border terrier) and Dave (dachshund, female).
Sarah, aged 39, of Falstaff Road, Tile Hill, has one dog, Bracket, and six Giant African land snails, while her boyfriend, Graham, has Lily, a border terrier.
ABSOLUTELY incensed by news the chap who lives in The Big House has splashed out on a super-injunction to prevent details of his fine - imposed for allowing his border terrier Benji to soil the village green - appearing in print.