United States Border Patrol

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the mobile law enforcement arm of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that detects and prevents illegal entry of aliens into the United States

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Borderline is an unscripted comedy that follows inept border control agents at a small airport
Many of your law enforcement and border control agents, as well as ordinary citizens, have sacrificed their lives in the fight against drug trafficking.
and was met by immigration and border control agents.
Many lower-ranking police and border control agents are believed to accept bribes from traffickers, severely hindering Mozambique's prosecution efforts.
He also wants to build fences in urban areas, hire more border control agents, and crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, to get a handle on illegal immigration.
Unattended Ground Sensors will Help Customs and Border Control Agents Automatically Distinguish Humans from Animals and Reduce False Alarms
In fact, Nicky Yoipi, 31, who border control agents found cleaning at Henry's bar in the city centre, had an accident with chemicals while working as a hairdresser in Capetown, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
Even if the e-passport readers are not ready, border control agents can call up biographical data other than the facial image (date of birth, etc) by scanning the bar code on the passport's photo page.
Customs and border control agents failed to seize a single shipment of Nintendo video game products in Brazil in 2008.
Paul Harrod, of D&H Harrods Coaches, said: "The driver and border control agents carried out all the appropriate checks at Calais.
Most passports already have a digital photo in them that border control agents can call up their computer screen to check that the passport really belongs to the person standing in front of them.
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