Border collie

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developed in the area between Scotland and England usually having a black coat with white on the head and tip of tail used for herding both sheep and cattle

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I'm very proud that we've all worked together to be able to help the Border Collie Trust."
There is no such thing as an 'average' Border Collie. The most familiar type is the classic black and white 'sheepdog' - though there are also many colour variations, such as blue or red merles who sport a fetching 'dappled' colour to their coats.
Another dog, Jester, a border collie mix, was left in a shelter when just a year old because he kept jumping out of his owner's fence.
Although border collies can be prone to 'sensitive tummies', the veterinary diets and probiotics will usually settle them and longterm dietary management can often help significantly.
"Certainly, the Border Collie is the 'poster breed' for this disorder, but dogs of other breeds are affected, so the results will likely have broader implications for canine health."
The owner was alerted to her pet's whereabouts and collected the border collie on Friday.
It was during his research into the breed that Mr Falla discovered Telfer's incredible history and learned of how he bred the 'perfect sheepdog'; from which came the famous border collie.
The court heard that businessman Davies, of Caer Madyn, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth, was fully co-operative with police, and border collie Nell, a rescue dog and her companion, collie-cross Rex, had attended obedience training and had never shown signs of aggression.Davies was ordered to pay a total of PS725 in fines, compensation and court costs.
The charity, established in 1976, has been involved in rescuing and rehoming border collies and collie crosses across the UK since its inception, and Ben has been involved in all areas of the operation over the past 18 years.
Colleagues from food, travel, funeral and other areas of the business came together for the day to paint the exterior walls of the rescue and boarding kennel blocks and sand down and re-stain benches for the Border Collie Trust GB.
Kate the border collie was definitely a star of the show Sunday as the annual Black Sheep Gathering wound down its three-day run at the Lane Events Center, wowing the crowd as she demonstrated her breed's renowned ability to herd sheep - whether a few or a flock - from Point A to Point B or wherever required.
Summary: With no sheep to round up at The Seaview Lion Park in South Africa, Solo the Border Collie has started herding tigers instead.
Most famous of all is the border collie, which is usually black-and-white (though these dogs can also be tri-colored, brown-and-white, or grey-and-white) and can come in a variety of sizes and builds.
A MERSEYSIDE schoolgirl impressed the Crufts' judges to win an award with her border collie.
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