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Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features

any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude

an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic

regulate housing in

separate or apportion into sections

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96 m wide) that extended east and west within adjacent border zones of each unit.
The border zone has numerous environmental health problems, and these are expected to worsen as its population increases.
In addition, season (spring: March to June, summer/autumn: July to October, winter: November to February) and urban area variables (urban zone, border zone, and periurban zone) were included in the initial model since these factors were known to affect the prevalence of E.
CHICAGO -- Migraineurs who have aura are more likely to develop posterior circulation infarcts in an arterial border zone, compared with individuals who have migraine without aura or healthy individuals, Dr.
They're used to draw away our agents from a targeted border zone, which is pretty easy to do, since they're already so badly over-stretched.
Growth in industrial construction will be most notable in Monterrey and in the border zone with the United States.
The House, citing safety concerns, had voted to continue a ban on Mexican trucks, which are now limited to a 20-mile-deep border zone but were to have had access to the U.
week to prohibit unlimited access for Mexican commercial trucks outside a small border zone to which they are now confined.
A series of small reserves would provide a greater total border zone to fishers than one large no-take zone.
Molotov's redrawing of the Finno-Russian border in 1944 had reduced her family's farm to a small holding and placed the family home in the military border zone, continually watched by Soviet guards.
The study covers the burned zones of Forestville and of Betsiamites as well as a border zone 15 km wide around the perimeter of the fires.
Millions have been forced off the land into $3-a-day factory work, and thousands of others may be preparing to begin the journey north into the United States where an increasingly militarized and dangerous border zone awaits them.
The growth extends beyond the border zone, a home away from home to such U.
Gyorgy Bakondi, head of the national disaster unit, told a news conference, a border zone in the two counties would be extended to 60 meters from 10 meters and transit zones could be set up to handle migrants.