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a largely agricultural county in central England

an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England

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And the event has come a long way since its beginnings, when 120 Cheviot and Border Leicesters sold for between PS3-PS4 compared with last year's average price of more than PS600.
Three auctioneers were present, with 120 Border Leicester and Cheviot rams selling for between [pounds sterling]3 and [pounds sterling]6 each.
Un valor superior fue reportado para ovejas Border Leicester x Texel (5,58 g/100 mL) al final de la gestacion [22].
The mystery deepened when it was found Polly was a valuable half breed - a Cheviot crossed with a Border Leicester - and worth up to pounds 800.
Border Leicester has broad, coarse hair with a loose crimp; its wool is good for blankets.
John Barrowman of North Knockglass Farm, Stranraer lifted the strong Border Leicester championship with his home-bred one-crop ewe by Eildon Epic.
The Border Leicester section was topped by a 2,500gns shearling rated as the "best ram we have ever bred" by Roddy and Libby Jones, who led the breed prices last year.
They have a variety of breeds including badger faced, Herdwick, Jacob, Dorset (polled), coloured Ryeland, Balwen and Border Leicester. Details: www.folly-farm.co.uk If you live in Conwy...
Other breeds to be represented include Beltex, Lleyn, Border Leicester, Berrichon, Hampshire Down and North Country Cheviot.
Originally, the flock comprised of North Country Cheviots crossed with the Border Leicester, producing Scottish Half Breds which were then put to the Suffolk, these being crossed with pedigree home-bred Texel rams.
They topped the Border Leicester section with a two-year-old tup bought "cheaply" at last year''s Kelso sales.
The Border Leicester breed has what it takes for commercial operations, meat sales or handspinners.
Border Leicester: Champion - P M and N J Brown, Carstairs, Scotland.
But, finding it difficult to source Border Leicester tups, the family began using Fronteiras from the Logie Durno flock in Scotland.
Texel PS100 Ford Castle Dairy, PS90 Edgerston Trading , Pirnie, PS81 Blegbie, PS80 Eildon Mains, Edgerston Trading, PS77 Burnhouse Mains, Bogend, PS75 Kittyfield, Burnhouse Mains, Suffolk PS100 Meigle, PS85 Woodside, PS81 Brotherstone, PS79 Bogend, PS75 Dere Street (2), Kittyfield, Cheviot Mule PS75 Blegbie (2), PS71 (2) Bogend, Border Leicester PS75 Kersknowe, Cheviot PS69 Dere Street, PS61, PS60 Woodside, Mule PS67 Meigle, PS66 Kersknowe, PS62 Ashcriag, Benson Wemyss, PS61 Edgerston Trading, Kittyfield, PS60 Bogend, Blue Texel PS67 (2) Upper Ashtrees, Zwartble PS67 Ford Castle Dairy, Bluefaced Leicester PS65 Meigle, Blackface PS65 Kersknowe, PS65, PS56 Burnhouse Mains, Lleyn PS65 Clifton Hill, PS61 Brotherstone.
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