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any of several red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them

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It is one of a selection of 175 wines in the Everyday Bordeaux list drawn up by the team at Bordeaux WInes UK.
One more AOC Bordeaux wine of note: Clarendelle, named for Clarence Dillon and created by his grandson Prince Robert of Luxembourg (Clarence Dillon Wines), which is a 'top-end' branded AOC Bordeaux collection 'inspired by Haut-Brion.
Over the past five years or so, Bordeaux wines went full-cycle from being a top-performing asset class to an underperformer.
Bordeaux wines have consistently offered investors steady and consistent returns above general investment market expectations.
Bordeaux wine is the classic for matching with food: seafood from Arcachon, salt marsh lamb from the Gironde Peninsula, duck and goose from the Dordogne, Bazas beef and truffles from Perigourd.
Vintage library wines will be available for tasting, such as the 2001 Chateau Margaux and Chateau Haut Brion, two first-growth Bordeaux wines, as well as Kistler chardonnays.
a leading exporter of Bordeaux wines, announced the appointment of North Lake Wines as the exclusive U.
The French newspaper, Les Echoes, reported that Alain Vironneau, chairman of the Syndicat des AOC Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieur, and Allan Sichel, head of the Union des Maisons de Bordeaux are urging dealers not to sell Bordeaux wines for less than 1,000 [euro] a barrel.
Certain Bordeaux wines bought in 1983 for pounds 250 to pounds 300 a case are now worth between pounds 18,000 and pounds 19,000.
Bordeaux wines are also being promoted, mostly in consumer magazines, through the "Bordeaux.
Famous wine critic Robert Parker, a Sarasota Winefest honoree, has asserted that it's the best vintage he's met in 23 years of barrel-tasting Bordeaux wines.
Prompted into action by low prices in the early nineties and the removal of government export restrictions, Ipanema and a dozen farms like it decided to follow the path of specialty coffees, shifting from bulk, blended beans to coffee of a single origin, superior quality and limited production, much like Bordeaux wines and Swiss watches.
He is a long time lover of both tea and Bordeaux wines and has even persuaded his rugby team in Paris to drink tea rather than beer.
This is in no small part due to the interest in Bordeaux wines from the Far East, particularly Japan and Hong Kong.
Semillon, one of the two basic grapes of white Bordeaux wines, is a relative latecomer to California, where it is primarily used as it is in France--to be blended with Sauvignon Blanc to temper that grape's herbaceous character.