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any of several red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them

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"When Culture Liverpool and Bordeaux Wines UK asked for volunteers to help out at the wine school, we jumped at the chance, knowing that the festival coming to the UK and Liverpool was an extraordinary opportunity for our students."
Take your specially-branded Bordeaux wine glass and carrying case and enjoy up to six tastings.
It is one of a selection of 175 wines in the Everyday Bordeaux list drawn up by the team at Bordeaux WInes UK.
One more AOC Bordeaux wine of note: Clarendelle, named for Clarence Dillon and created by his grandson Prince Robert of Luxembourg (Clarence Dillon Wines), which is a 'top-end' branded AOC Bordeaux collection 'inspired by Haut-Brion.' It is available in red, white, rose, and amberwine (sweet dessert wine).
Over the past five years or so, Bordeaux wines went full-cycle from being a top-performing asset class to an underperformer.
The transactions mainly impact the production and sale of Bordeaux wines in France, where Suntory, Castel, GMdF and MAAF subsidiaries are all present.
"Chateau d'Yquem is probably the best known of the sweet Bordeaux wines which have not been allowed to be officially imported into China due to their large amounts of natural, residual sugar when compared toother wines which exceeded the limit set by the Chinese authorities.
The rest of the wines were from Bordeaux, so we came full circle and returned to Bordeaux wines to accompany.
He planted Cabernet Sauvignon because he loved Bordeaux wines and refused to believe that Cabernet could not be grown in the harsh Ontario climate.
Claret is the name given to red Bordeaux wines and 75 per cent of the wine has been oak aged to give a note of vanilla and oak on the palate.
company, and Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A., a leading exporter of Bordeaux wines, announced the appointment of North Lake Wines as the exclusive U.S.
Bordeaux winemakers petition for set minimum price: Bordeaux winemakers and wine dealers have joined together to petition the industry for a minimum price for Bordeaux wines. The French newspaper, Les Echoes, reported that Alain Vironneau, chairman of the Syndicat des AOC Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieur, and Allan Sichel, head of the Union des Maisons de Bordeaux are urging dealers not to sell Bordeaux wines for less than 1,000 [euro] a barrel.
Bordeaux wines are also being promoted, mostly in consumer magazines, through the "Bordeaux.
Wine lovers discovered Washington's cabernets and merlots, Oregon's pinot noirs, Spain's Priorato region (southwest of Barcelona), France's Bordeaux wines, and Italian Piedmont and Tuscany wines.
Famous wine critic Robert Parker, a Sarasota Winefest honoree, has asserted that it's the best vintage he's met in 23 years of barrel-tasting Bordeaux wines.