Bordeaux mixture

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antifungal agent consisting of a solution of copper sulphate and quicklime

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In vitro evaluation of fungicides against Phytophthora capsici Fungicides Percent inhibition Concentration (%) Common name Trade name 0.05 0.075 Carbendizim Bavistin 50 WP 55.75 (48.30) * 55.93 (48.41) Aliette Fosetyl 80 WP 100.00 (90.05) 100.00 (90.05) Metalaxyl MZ Ridomil 72WP 100.00 (90.05) 100.00 (90.05) Hexaconazole 4%+ Avatar72 WP 58.99 (50.18) 71.94 (58.01) Zineb 68% Dithane M45 Mancozeb 75WP 58.99 (50.18) 44.42 (41.80) Bordeaux mixture - 55.03 (47.89) 61.69 (51.76) Mean 71.46 (57.71) 72.33 (58.26) 76.52 (61.02) Fungicides (F) Concentration (C)F x C S.Em.
CLR management methods are distinguished by cultivation of CLR resistant varieties and applications of chemical sprays in the form of Bordeaux mixture and systemic fungicides.
In black pepper and cardamom, the plant basins need to be drenched with copper oxychloride (0.2 percent) and spray bordeaux mixture (1 percent) while in ginger and turmeric, the beds should be drenched with Mancozeb (0.31 percent) or Metalaxyl-mancozeb (0.05 percent).
Outdoor tomatoes require protective sprays of mancozeb (Dithane) or copper (Murphy Traditional Copper or Vitax Bordeaux Mixture).
The 'Saturn' peach has been bred to be highly resistant to bacterial canker, but in rainy climates, such as the Pacific Northwest, it needs protection from peach leaf curl, which can be prevented with a single spray of Bordeaux mixture, a cop per-based fungicide available from many organic suppliers.
If the spots are really objectionable, spraying with Bordeaux mixture will control them, but this should not be necessary.
To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.
Sale of Bordeaux mixture, a standard spray treatment used until recently -- even by organic gardeners -- is due to be banned from the end of next year.
Dust the crown of the plant with Bordeaux mixture and spray the foliage with a fungicide containing benomyl or thiophanate-methyl.
For example, our friend Jean Miaihle of Chateau Coufran learned how to make copper sulfate (Bordeaux mixture) at 16 to save his family's vines from the mildews.
At the first sign of trouble, spray with either Bordeaux mixture or a fungicide with mancozeb as the active ingredient.
| PINCH out tomato shoots and prevent blight in both tomatoes and potatoes by spraying with Vitax Bordeaux Mixture. Remember to feed and water tomatoes regularly.
Try Vitax Sulphur or Bordeaux mixture. Leave the cut surfaces to dry for a few hours before planting your begonia chunks in a wee pot of sandy compost.