Bordeaux mixture

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antifungal agent consisting of a solution of copper sulphate and quicklime

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The present investigation in Table 1 revealed that cent per cent inhibition of mycelial growth of P capsici was recorded with Bordeaux mixture and Metalaxyl MZ at all tested concentrations which are followed by Avatar (75.
CLR management methods are distinguished by cultivation of CLR resistant varieties and applications of chemical sprays in the form of Bordeaux mixture and systemic fungicides.
If the spots are really objectionable, spraying with Bordeaux mixture will control them, but this should not be necessary.
To control brown rot on apricots, spray with a Bordeaux mixture (hydrated lime and copper sulfate) or other fungicide containing copper.
Sale of Bordeaux mixture, a standard spray treatment used until recently -- even by organic gardeners -- is due to be banned from the end of next year.
Dust the crown of the plant with Bordeaux mixture and spray the foliage with a fungicide containing benomyl or thiophanate-methyl.
At the first sign of trouble, spray with either Bordeaux mixture or a fungicide with mancozeb as the active ingredient.
Tenders are invited for Spraying of Bordeaux mixture to areca palms (Approx 10000 Nos) 3 or 4 rounds at an interval of 45 days
Such conditions are often thought to be particularly challenging for organic growers, who can only rely on 'traditional' treatments - Bordeaux mixture (copper sulphate and lime) against downy mildew and sulphur against the powdery variety.
Spray emerging peach and nectarine tree leaves with a fungicide, such as Bordeaux mixture, to stop leaf curl.
The only way to avoid blight is to spray every 10-14 days with Bordeaux mixture available from garden centres before plants are infected.
Sale of Bordeaux mixture, a standard spray treatment used until recently ( even by organic gardeners ( is due to be banned at the end of next year.
There are a number of fungicides on the market - look on your garden centre shelves - or you can use the old standby Bordeaux mixture, a concoction of copper sulphate and lime.
Bordeaux Mixture prepared from copper sulphate and lime is the standard fungicide for potato blight.