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Synonyms for Bordeaux

a port city in southwestern France

any of several red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them

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Balancing quality with value, newer vintages such as Chateau Gaillard de la Gorce 2011, Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France (PS11.
Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction after he and missing teen Megan Stammers were found in Bordeaux, France, on Friday.
For condolences, please contact Sabine at: L&S Maillet-Peigna, 41, rue Huguerie, 33000 Bordeaux, France.
Meanwhile, the 2nd Wood Fibre Polymer Composites Conference last March in Bordeaux, France, focused on construction applications, new process technologies, and advanced performance standards.
He was named the first bishop of Boston in 1808 and served until 1823 when he became bishop of Montauban, France and eventually archbishop of Bordeaux, France.
BORDEAUX, FRANCE -- Another beverage alcohol health-based study: Consuming grape-based Armagnac in moderation helps prevent blood clots, according to the University of Bordeaux, France.
Another beverage alcohol health based study: Consuming grape-based Armagnac in moderation helps prevent blood clots, according to the University of Bordeaux, France, Armagnac is produced in southwest France, where the "French Paradox" of a low cardiovascular mortality rate is most prominent.
The order will be managed by Metso Paper, Karlstad, Sweden, and supplied by Metso Automation, Bordeaux, France, and its Metso Paper units in Karlstad; Gorizia, Italy; and Valkeakoski; Finland.
Isabelle Baldi of the Institut de Sante Publique d'Epidemiologie et de Developpement in Bordeaux, France and colleagues went to their local vineyards to measure workers' cognitive well-being and see how it related to the amount of pesticides they had encountered over the years [EHP 109:839-844].
Barsac, actually the name of a town in the Sauternes district of Bordeaux, France, provides the legal name for sweet wines of that area, one of which, Chateau Broustet 1989, is priced at $60 at this restaurant.
National Laboratory (LLNL) and the 240-beam Laser Megajoule at Bordeaux, France, will support nuclear weapons and energy research (SN: 10/19/96, p.
BORDEAUX, France -- Stantum, a pioneer developer of multi-touch solutions and systems since 2002, announced today that both the European Patent Office and the China Patent & Trademark Office have granted patents (EP1719047 and CN100447723C, respectively) to Stantum on its multi-touch technology.
Hertz Equipment Rental Corp (HERC) has opened a new Hertz Energy Services location in Bordeaux, France.
The study will continue to be led by the surgeons Jean Charles LeHuec, MD, PhD, from the Department of Orthopaedics at the University Hospital in Bordeaux, France, and Richard Assakar, MD, from the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital in Lille, France.
PARIS--In a rare example of public debate between two members of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Cardinal Pierre Eyt of Bordeaux, France questioned in a French Catholic newspaper article the Catholic Church's ability to adapt itself as an institution to the issues of the day.