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Synonyms for Bordeaux

a port city in southwestern France

any of several red or white wines produced around Bordeaux, France or wines resembling them

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The rotund shape of the courtrooms may recall the traditional wine vats of the Bordeaux region, and their repetition the sheltered chambers of Le Corbusier's High Court at Chandigarh, but this acute streamlining also allows for the rapid expulsion of warm air (the building's ventilation is almost entirely natural).
In France, both red and white wines from Bordeaux can be found in bottles with straight sides, high shoulders and a short neck.
The spontaneous emergence of stable chemical patterns in the Bordeaux experiments is akin to that drop of red dye breaking into tiny droplets that align themselves into neat stationary rows and columns.
As part of a larger program to help Americans find and appreciate Bordeaux wines, "Le Wine Buff" are a group digitally-savvy American wine experts, who take the job of wine tasting seriously even if they don't take themselves too seriously.
The harvest for Bordeaux Blanc and Cremant began at the end of August and promises great quality with classic typicity and intense aromas.
Bordeaux will be hard to break down, though, and their strong back line has been the key component to grinding out results this season as they have struggled badly to score, notching just 29 goals in 31 games.
At drupa, Bordeaux showcased benchmark products including Latex ink, a revolutionary ink based on water, compatible with drop-on-demand piezo printheads, which enables drying at much lower heat avoiding creases to substrates.
But selling the family business of 88 years last month provides the time he needs at home on Tainter Hill Road with his Highland cattle, his extensive gardens and plantings, and the dozen or so wild turkeys scratching for food in the field across from the Bordeaux farmhouse.
Yoann Gourcuff's superb free-kick gave Bordeaux an early lead and the France midfielder saw another set-piece come back off the frame of the goal.
All red bordeaux comes in the high shouldered straight bottle.
Vincent Lataste, already recognised for innovation in the wine industry has developed a range of five wines that it believes best express the traditional grape varieties from Bordeaux.
Even Bordeaux wine shippers and distributors are upset.
The Bordeaux brigade they will face this week is on the brink of a bust-up.
Francisco Rabal stars as Spain's notorious artist Francisco de Goya in the aesthetically pleasing ``Goya in Bordeaux.