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a salt or ester of boric acid

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NRG Metals said the project is being acquired through a purchase option agreement from a private borate producer from Salta, Argentina named Jorge Moreno.
Rio Tinto Salt, Uranium and Borates Division Managing Director Simon Trott, who signed the MOU on behalf of Rio Tinto, said, "We are pleased to have progressed the signing of the MOU today in Belgrade.
Railroads could consider using borate ports to improve the life of their bridge timbers and reducing the depth of, or eliminating, daps.
The location is the main use of borates glass industry.
Niban features a borate mineral salt as its active ingredient combined with an irresistible bait made from corn cob granules mixed with oils, sugars and other food grade attractants.
For the past 50 years, gerstley borate has been used by many potters.
Determination of Borates in Wood--A Simplified Analysis for Plant Operations," Unpublished bulletin, United States Borax and Chemical Corp.
Synpro-Ware dispersions of antimony oxide, zinc borate, and halogenated additives supplied in phosphate esters or halogenated vehicles.
Pressure treatment with borates, an environmentally friendly product, is the best way to address this potential problem.
as well as examining the FR additives market with particular emphasis on that for FR fillers, the main types of FR filler and how they function, the effect of particle size, shape and surface chemistry, the latest developments with the mare products, specialist products, including expandable graphite, zinc stannates and borates, and the use of nanoparticles as fire retardant fillers.
The materials selected included carbonates, nitrates, borates, sulfates and several metal oxides, each of which is capable of providing an oxidizing atmosphere under equilibrium conditions at the pouring temperatures employed.
A new report from market analyst Roskill says that borate consumption in the detergents industry (which is the second largest market for borates, with a 17% share) continues to be influenced by environmental concerns, as well as industry response to customer demands and intense competition between suppliers.
These chlorides are removed from specimens in order to reveal the insoluble borates by soaking in water.
Rio Tinto Minerals is a global leader in industrial mineral supply and science, providing nearly half the world's supply of refined borates.