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a salt or ester of boric acid

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It is accepted to distinguish two hierarchical structural levels in the structure of borate glasses.
NRG Metals said the project is being acquired through a purchase option agreement from a private borate producer from Salta, Argentina named Jorge Moreno.
"We detected borates in a crater on Mars that's 3.8 billion years old, younger than the likely formation of life on Earth," said Gasda.
Railroads could consider using borate ports to improve the life of their bridge timbers and reducing the depth of, or eliminating, daps.
The location is the main use of borates glass industry.
Many kinds of magnesium borates having xMgO x y[B.sub.2][O.sub.3] x z[H.sub.2]O compositions can be found naturally in mixture with other metal borates or can be obtained in the laboratory by synthetic methods.
Borate compounds have been widely studied due to their features as glass formers and also on account of being very advantageous materials for radiation dosimetry application as discussed elsewhere [1, 2].
The main purpose of this study is to synthesise two different borate compounds of magnesium borates and zinc borates in the same hydrothermal reactor with high efficiency using the same reaction time and reaction temperature.
"Borates may have been important for the origin of life on Earth because they can stabilize ribose, a crucial component of RNA.
As an added plus, pests cannot develop a resistance to borates because of their unique action.
A research team, headed by Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, professor of civil engineering and geological sciences and concurrent professor of chemistry and biochemistry, discovered the NDTB-1 compound while studying the physico-chemical properties of several actinide borates.
The special behaviour of Gerstley and Gillespie borates that produces the unusual glaze effects results from two mechanisms: immiscibility and solubility.
Unlike other comparable materials, the process eliminates the need to add harmful chemicals resulting in a product that is free of formaldehydes, borates, VOCs and glass fiber irritants.