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The Iranian borage (Echium amoenum) is a multi-annual plant originating from the family Boraginaceae [4].
Pólen arbóreo é representado pelas espécies de Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Arecaceae, Bignoniaceae, Boraginaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Flacourticaceae, Lauraceae, Meliaceae, Myrsinaceae, Myrtaceae, Sapindaceae e Tiliaceae.
A N 4027 (Yellowtop) Sonchus asper (L) Hill C I 4015 (Prickly sow-thistle) Boraginaceae Buglossoides arvensis (L.
Family Species Item eaten Boraginaceae Bourreria cumanensis Fruit Cactaceae Stenocereus griseus Fruit, branch tip Capparidaceae Capparis odoratissima Fruit, flower bud Flacourtiaceae Casearia tremula Fruit, seed Poaceae Cenchrus sp.
This is similar to plants in the Boraginaceae in which NaC1 and acetic acid extracts represented 56 to 68% of the total Ca (Kinzel, 1989).
The forget-me-not, Myosotis belongs to the Borage family, Boraginaceae that contains many other wonderful blue flowered plants, including the hounds tongue, Cynoglossum, Heliotrope, Pulmonaria, Lithospermum and Anchusa.
is an annual plant belonging to the family Boraginaceae (Boraginaceae Juss.
NM 0 I A U SuF BIGNONIACEAE Catalpa speciosa Warder SC I P R Sp BORAGINACEAE Hackelia virginiana (L.
The same could be said about possible ties to Boraginaceae, another family that the fossil taxon superficially resembles.
Root extracts of Boraginaceae species, like Alkana tinctoria in Europe, or Lithospermum erythrorhizon in the Orient, have been used widely for centuries, mostly for their anti-inflammatory activity.
amoenum which belongs to Boraginaceae is a biennial or perennial herb to narrow zone of northern part of Iran, where it grows at an altitude ranging from 60 to 2200 m [1,2].
Boraginaceae Crawford Harrison (*) Hibiscus trionum L.
The Iranian ox-tongue is a kind of medicinal plant which is from Boraginaceae family, Echium genus and amoenum species [44].
Among the unplaced families in lamiids, Boraginaceae have a few genera with monosymmetric flowers.
Durian Boraginaceae Cordia dichotoma Soap berry Caricaceae Carica papaya L.