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Synonyms for bouquet

Synonyms for bouquet

cut flowers that have been arranged in a usually small bunch


a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for bouquet

an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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Fertilizer N rate effects on yield [ha.sup.-1] have been reported in an earlier publication (Boquet et al., 1994).
Finally, I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers as well as Beth Boquet and the WCJ editors for their invaluable feedback and support throughout the revision process.
breaks from the real work of the WC" (Boquet & Eodice, 2008, p.
Geller, Eodice, Condon, Carroll, & Boquet (2007) draw our attention to "the everyday," and advocate for "pedagogy ...
The present results do agree, however, with those of Boquet et al.
(1) According to Boquet & Lerner, "the righteousness of 'Idea' ironically became an ossifying force for the assumptions inherent in writing center work, assumptions that, in 'Writing Center Research,' North was calling for the field to test.
Given the extensive, insightful comments Neal Lerner and Beth Boquet have offered about writing for publication, I don't wish to rehash what they've suggested.
However, I am reminded of Elizabeth Boquet's (1999) notion of writing centers and their possibilities for intellectual inquiry as "our little secret," exciting places to be part of but on the whole shut off from the rest of the academic world.
Boquet's answer, of course, is to plug in a little Jimi Hendrix and play with the idea of improvisation during staff education.
As Boquet observes, "They prove our usefulness institutionally.
Yields at late plantings can be improved by narrow-row spacing and/or greater plant population (Boquet et al., 1982; Boquet, 1990).
Boquet, defines improvisation in jazz and then applies each of seven features to the culture and practice of tutoring.
Beth Boquet and her tutors, who turned to focus groups to assess their center, offer insights on how to set up and hold successful focus groups, and they describe what they learned in the process.
Determination of optimal plant population (the minimum population for best yield) lowers seeding costs, reduces lodging, and ameliorates disease problems (Boquet and Walker, 1980).
Earlier Prof.Fareeda Bano presented boquet to all honourable guests on thier arrival at the ground.