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Synonyms for bouquet

Synonyms for bouquet

cut flowers that have been arranged in a usually small bunch


a sweet or pleasant odor

Synonyms for bouquet

an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

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When Boquet and Lerner lay out the "imbalance" in our research, they call on "those who are directly involved in writing center work--directors, tutors, or researchers" to counteract it (185).
The interaction is electrostatic, and it doesn't require arty initial energy at all," says Boquet.
While Penn Mutual has thus far been the most aggressive, Boquet says they are seeing a lot of people coming in who want to endow scholarships on behalf of their father or mother who may have served.
During their brief friendship Boquet gave Fr Cooke cheques for thousands of dollars, the court was told.
A sitting area under a thick canopy of trees casting heavy shade could use brightening; in this situation, using a light-color stone such as Lompoc flagstone, Boquet Canyon, or Idaho quartzite will increase light reflectivity and may make the difference between a dark, uninviting place and a cool, refreshing retreat.
Beth Boquet is Professor of English, Director of Writing, and Director of the Writing Center at Fairfield University, a Jesuit, Catholic comprehensive university, in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Beth Boquet asks, "What is being left out of our discussions on writing centers by our inability to account, in complex ways, for its relationship to the teaching of writing?
996) y, ademas, evaluarse los metodos analiticos (Perazzo y Mazziotta, 2004; Boquet et al.
Moving north, key purchases on the Saranac, Ausable and Boquet rivers allow anglers to enjoy fishing there.
18 micron geometry," said John Boquet, manager of ASIC Verification at IBM Microelectronics.
Boquet, who is a lead author on the paper with Cohen, borrowed broken windows theory from the criminology field to explain their research.
Boquet (2002) and James McDonald (2003), Weaver (2004) argues that many writing center practitioners continue to hope for a community and feel frustrated when they fail to create it in their centers (p.
Both Noise from the Writing Center by Elizabeth Boquet and "Incorporating Plays and Toys into the Writing Center" by Chad Verbais have even emphasized the value of toys, such as having students play with plastic dinosaurs and Star Wars action figures so that by returning to childhood activities, clients relax, allowing their brains to be creative.
Pascale Cossart, Patrice Boquet, Staffan Normark, and Rino Rappuoli, editors