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Synonyms for moonshine

Synonyms for moonshine

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

distill (alcohol) illegally

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Bremmers also emphasizes that the authorities should become more active in battling bootleg liquor producers and sellers, and do more to prevent sale of liquor to teenagers.
Most of the space was taken up by barrels bubbling away with bootleg liquor.
At least 84 people have died from drinking toxic bootleg liquor in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, and around 200 others have been hospitalised, a state government minister said on Saturday.
Mobsters, flappers, union racketeering and Prohibition bootleg liquor is the theme of the evening a and so is love.
TONIGHT Sincerely, F Scott Fitzgerald: A Culture Show Special BBC Two, 8.30pm When The Great Gatsby was first published in 1925, it seems many readers decided they could afford it to give it a miss - maybe they were all too busy dancing the Charleston, bobbing their hair and drinking bootleg liquor. But ' and has been filmed five times, most recently in 3D and starring Leonardo DiCaprioand Carey Mulligan (below).
10 ( ANI ): An adulterated batch of bootleg liquor killed 10 persons in West Bengal's Hooghly District.
The trucks that distributed the original comic books were previously used to shift bootleg liquor during Prohibition.
They say that even more important than closing bootleg alcohol outlets is the joint work of the authorities responsible to the Finance Ministry and the Interior Ministry, which must cut the supply of bootleg liquor to the outlets and end the smuggling into Latvia.
COMEDY capers run riot in this rip-roaring Laurel and Hardy farce which sees the hapless nitwits get into another fine mess during a quest to get themselves legless on bootleg liquor.
Also on This Day: Ivan the Terrible wascrowned the first Tsar of Russia; 1780: Admiral Rodney defeated the Spanish at Cape St Vincent and relieved Gibraltar; 1920: The USA introduced prohibition making the sale of alcoholic drinks illegal and led to a huge trade in bootleg liquor by leading gangsters; 1853: Birth of Frenchman Andre Michelin, the first manufacturer to mass produce tyres; 1963: Englishwoman Yvonne Pope became the first woman to fly an international airline route when she took off to fly from Gatwick to Dusseldorf; 1991: An American-led international force launched Operation Desert storm occupying Kuwait.
'Investigations are still ongoing to see if there are links between what we found on the premises - where equipment to process the bootleg liquor was found - and those who died of methanol poisoning.
Bootleg liquor has killed at least two dozen people in a village in Indonesia's Central Java province over the last few days, MetroTV said on Sunday quoting police.
7 ( ANI ): At least seven persons were dead after drinking bootleg liquor laced with chemicals on Friday in Arrah city of Bihar's Bhojpur District.
BOOTLEG liquor laced with toxic methanol has now killed 143 people in eastern India, with dozens more still ill.
Smalltime crook Ray (Eddie Murphy) and naive bank clerk Claude (Martin Lawrence) are accidentally thrown together by circumstances and find themselves reluctantly running bootleg liquor in Mississippi.