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Synonyms for moonshine

Synonyms for moonshine

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

distill (alcohol) illegally

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This "empty space" will be swiftly occupied by bootleg liquor, notes Bremmers.
At the Journal, his hidden-camera expose of all-night bootleg liquor sales contributed to changes that allowed by-the-drink sales in Knoxville.
For example, in 1928 the Coast Guard confiscated bootleg liquor on Quigley's chartered yacht; subsequently, "The Quigley children found the dinner table conversation stimulating" (p.
A BATCH of poisonous bootleg liquor has killed 41 people in the Pakistani city of Karachi in one of the country's worst ever cases of alcohol poisoning, police said yesterday.
In Carroll, officers had probable cause to believe that a vehicle contained contraband, in this case, hidden bootleg liquor.
The recent deaths in Turkey due to bootleg liquor laced with lethal doses of methyl alcohol show all to clearly the lengths to which counterfeiters will go to exact their illgotten gains.
COMEDY capers run riot in this rip-roaring Laurel and Hardy farce which sees the hapless nitwits get into another fine mess during a quest to get themselves legless on bootleg liquor.
Under it, Sammy had set up a makeshift bar from behind which a bent old man named Tyler, who looked like an undertaker, served bootleg liquor.
There are two secret panels in the Presidential Suite that pop open at the touch of a button to reveal hidey-holes where Secret Service agents - or Prohibition gangsters - could stow their weapons - or their bootleg liquor.
Turner presented not an iota of the mitigating evidence that frequently proved decisive in averting a death sentence -- nothing about McCleskey's illegitimate birth to skid row parents, his childhood spent selling bootleg liquor to patrons of neighborhood gambling houses to supplement the family income, or the many times he called the police to stop his stepfather from battering his mother.
The bootleg liquor business was really disorganized.
For all the stills smashed and bootleg liquor poured down the drain during the 1920s, America remained a hard-drinking country.