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a long lace for fastening boots

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The BBC presenter was sent a pair of the special bootlaces produced by gay rights charity Stonewall and bookmakers Paddy Power to support the 'Right Behind Gay Footballers' initiative after he promised to wear them on-air.
"Ash took over in 2008 when we had just been relegated in two competitions and we lacked a bit of direction and were short of a few senior players - and he dragged us up by our bootlaces.
Disease of the Week Bootlaces and honey 1 Vegetables - check stored vegetables and remove any that have rotted.
When they miss goal, when they get yellow or red cards or even when they're just tying their bootlaces. Footballers like to swear.
Will they, won't they be able to pass the ball to each other without falling over their bootlaces. Serial elimination in competitive tournaments has taught us the players are rubbish together, so we no longer need to worry.
Send a parcel, it doesn't have to be much - a packet of biscuits, some lip salve, a few pairs of bootlaces, some bottles/cartons of fruit juice, letters, Christmas cards, etc - to RAO-BSN, JTSP Unit, Bastion, BFPO 792.
None more so than William Gallas, the captain and man who should have been pulling them up by their bootlaces - not staring down at his own and blubbing uncontrollably.
Ronald tells of waiting to take a penalty while his brother sat in the box slowly tying his bootlaces before walking over to him, shaking his hand and telling him he was about to miss.
It was however pretty much of a roller coaster ride, because the ball and Ronnie did not always see eye to eye, and it could hardly be regarded as tied to his bootlaces. That said, his determination and tenacity more often than not meant that he got to the by-line and delivered his cross.
Kim Donley Martin was 53 when he strangled himself with his bootlaces in May 2002.
WHETHER we win, lose or trip over our bootlaces coming out of the tunnel, the full range of emotions can now be experienced on Wales's new website RugbyNation at www.
of Novosibirsk, skin like bootlaces in her tall headdress lain inside the split ash trunk where ice kept her 2500 years ...
This one-pound network of components includes a chest strap, wristwatch, a pod tied to the bootlaces and a pager on a belt.
Thread clothesline, leater bootlaces, or nylon cords through the holes, adding a faucet washer between the slats at the top end only.