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a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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he's dumped the trappings of rock and always appears on stage in a suit and bootlace tie.
Mr Eric Forth - noted as a snappy dresser with a penchant for the three piece suit - startled onlookers with denim jeans, jacket and waistcoat, teamed with a red and blue checked shirt and bootlace tie.
Simon and Nicola are appalled that Lesley has woken up with Rodney - and not just because he sleeps in his bootlace tie. While Jo and Danny are horrified that Paddy has come back from Portugal with a gold-digger who's only pretending that her name is Fireblade.
AThere was me with a quiff in a grey jacket with a black velvet collar and a bootlace tie. But I couldn't grow the top inch and a half of my sideburns.
He said: "They used to come to village dances in their stetsons and bootlace ties. They always seemed to be 6ft 2in.
best cd Chuck Prophet - Let Freedom Ring BACK in the late 80s when I thought dagger-sharp pointy boots, bootlace ties and paisley print shirts were quite the fashion statement, I really loved Prophet's band Green On Red.
Girls with spinning ponytails, Jived with lively, lacquer-quiffed males, Crepes and drapes and bootlace ties, Flat shoes, fishnets, cute cats' eyes!
It's going back to our heritage when our grandfathers used to wear those bootlace ties.
Upstairs, past the novelty gold bullets, bootlace ties and silver handcuffs, you're greeted by Billy, a stuffed bison's headontop of the landing.
You would see Teddy Boys in the drapes, bootlace ties and beetle crusher shoes.
A few of the crowd were 'old style' Teddy Boys dressed in drainpipe trousers and bootlace ties. Chuck, dressed in multicoloured shirt and skin tight white trousers, introduced the song as 4th grade humour and the whole thing contains plenty of audience participation.
Hair was outlandish, long jackets were juxtaposed with thin, bootlace ties, and stovepipe pants were cut short to show off patterned socks.