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a constellation in the northern hemisphere near Ursa Major

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Mr Bootes said: "There are good opportunities for people from the top to the bottom of the company.
The constellation is no longer in use and was reportedly "incorporated into" Bootes in 1922.
The award ceremony, at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, seemed a long way from those agonising days when Lisa and partner Chris Bootes, 36, didn't know if their little girl was going to live or die.
Have you ever wondered how to pronounce Bootes? One accepted pronunciation is bo-OH-teez.
On the opposite side of Bootes from Corona Borealis is another two-word spring constellation beginning with the same letters: Coma Berenices.
Mr Bootes said: "An opportunity came up to purchase the DPE business and the freehold for the factory and I will be looking to invest in growing the business over the coming months."
They're often regarded as Bootes' dogs, but if they're supposed to be helping him with his herd, what do they have to do with hunting?
Luke Bootes, 18, from Sheerness, Kent, was charged with three counts of causing death by careless driving while drunk, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while unfit through drink and driving without insurance.
They dubbed the region, located in the constellation Bootes, the Great Void.
Zero-magnitude Arcturus dominates its constellation Bootes, 1.0-magnitude Spica its constellation Virgo.
It is thought Southern investor Vincent Bootes has snapped up the Newton Aycliffe operation.