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a landlocked principality in the Himalayas to the northeast of India

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On 10 January he reported that he had had to apply for permission to the Deb Raja for permission to send a person to his court because of the "jealousy of the Bootan government inducing it to refuse admission to strangers into the interior of the country." (43) He commented:
The precautions taken to prevent the entrance of strangers into Bootan rendered it necessary for me to choose between making a formal application of this nature, and sending a person in disguise; and the latter was a mode of procedure which was neither likely to prove agreeable to any person duly qualified for the duty in question, nor appeared to me to be compatible with the dignity and views of the British Government.
Krishnakanta gives a vivid description of the journey in his 'Account of Bootan'.
(1972): Political Missions to Bootan Comprising the Reports of The Hon'ble Ashley Eden, -1864; Capt.
Containing a Narrative of a Journey through Bootan, and Part of Tibet.
Lhopato, Lho-duk, or Lhomon, the Bhotant of Bengal, or Bootan of the English.