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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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Today's insureds want that same kind of security and certainty, he said of his clientele: emerging affluent, boot-strap entrepreneurs with first-generation self-made wealth, owners of small business, and many medical doctors.
For many, it's an opportunity to "boot-strap" a new business--to get a fresh start without asking for help.
Notwithstanding the substantial logic and appeal of this argument, the court dismissed it almost out of hand by using a form of "boot-strap" argument--despite what appears to be contrary conduct, the owner cannot be said to be "estopped" from making this argument because (1) caselaw permits owners to claim liquidated damages even after the completion deadline has passed and (2) the contract itself provided for the assessment of liquidated damages.
It was a tremendous speech about the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and all the things we know are classically associated with the Munoz Marin boot-strap model of industrialization by invitation."
The event still has a few spots for sponsors who will benefit from their alliance with Growing Place's grass roots, boot-strap mission and from the knowledge that they are helping their community to become more self-reliant.
Oregon can boot-strap itself up from being the poster child for the many cash-strapped states across the nation.