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trousers with legs that flare

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Give yourself a treat with Seven For All Mankind's longer length boot-cut jeans, available in 36in leg, pounds 139 at Joseph.
These are my first boot-cut jeans but they probably won't be my last.
Yes, the 33-year-old account manager wears boot-cut jeans, paid a silly amount of money at a high-end salon to find the perfect haircut and uses a dab of gooey product on it every morning.
As the name implies, it's a collection of maternity fashions including plaid and floral capris paired with embellished graphic T-shirts, a tankini for the beach, matte-jersey basics for the office and dark blue boot-cut jeans as cool as their other inventory.
Nick sells flared, bell-bottomed and boot-cut jeans which were made in America in the 1970s but did not sell at the time.
I'm a dog lover, but even I'd recoil a tad if I saw Canine Maximum: a massive, wiry-haired, slobbery beast galloping down the aisle of my train carriage, bloodshot eyes rolling and drool splattering in slo-mo across everyone's shins, like Jeremy Clarkson on all fours, but without the boot-cut jeans.
DIG OUTBOOT-CUT JEANS IF you're tired of skinnies but wary of the wide-leg trousers, the answer could be the return of boot-cut jeans.
So I bought some boot-cut jeans, stitched up the sides and opened the bottom of the legs to put in panels.
Ted Baker has a range of casual pinstripe shirts (pounds 70) with cut-away collars, which look great with boot-cut jeans, (pounds 65).
Meanwhile, classic and boot-cut jeans for ull are just pounds 20.
Says Mervyn's spokeswoman Kate Rice, ``The big trend is dark denim, whether it's a zip-off style for boys or embellished boot-cut jeans for girls.
Invest in jumpsuits, maxi dresses, flare and boot-cut jeans and trousers, and elongate those legs with a killer platform shoe or wedge.
We also selected a pair of boyfriend jeans, which make a funky alternative to straight or boot-cut jeans.
ABOVE: Embroidered combats, pounds 35, floral crinkle top, pounds 27, bag, pounds 37, all from Principles, Clayton Square; LEFT: Floral dress, Karen Millen, Pauline's own; RIGHT: New fit, boot-cut jeans, pounds 35, sequin crinkle top, pounds 37, sequin bag, pounds 25, all from Principles; ABOVE: Lilac linen trousers, pounds 39.