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Synonyms for bell-bottoms

trousers with legs that flare

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High-heeled pumps or dress shoes can be worn with a pant wide enough to cover the top of the toe, such as a boot-cut, trouser or wide-leg pant, or with a pant narrow and tight enough to show the entire shoe (5).
Boot-cut is the saviour for those who don't possess the figure of a supermodel and despite all the fashion forecasts of the last few seasons, they remain very much de rigeur.
Additional jeans include the slight boot-cut and the straight-cut, high-waist jeans, said a statement.
OUTFIT 1 - Henleys Avril denim skirt, pounds 39.99; Henleys jewel T-shirt, pounds 29.99; Henleys zip-hooded top, pounds 49.99; OUTFIT 2 - Sol Cal surf bug T-shirt, pounds 14.99; Miso biker jacket, pounds 34.99; crafted boot-cut jeans, pounds 34.99; Sol Cal petal bag, pounds 19.99; OUTFIT 3 - Miso embroidered dress, pounds 24.99; Miso clasp bag, pounds 9.99
Wherever you stand on the whole skinny versus boot-cut debate, you'll be glad to rely on denim as we cross over the seasons to autumn/ winter, even if you did only fly back from your summer holiday last week.
A pair of wider boot-cut, straight-cut or even palazzo trousers evens out the figure.
"I wouldn't pick a boot-cut pair myself but the style is nice.
Female staff will also have the option of wearing low-waisted boot-cut trousers rather than the skirt.
Today, denim styles are reaching far beyond the boot-cut, low-rise or relaxed-style blue jean.
Lands' End also stock cord trousers, with their women's regular stretch boot-cut cord jeans being a best-seller.
They don't want one kind of blue jeans; they want boot-cut, low-rise, reverse-fit, classic-cut, stretch-fit, flare, slim, cuffed, cropped, sandblasted, rinsed, or faded.
The noticeably flared 'boot-cut' bottoms and cardigan jackets are causing concern among more conservative members.
The Next collection includes a neutral single breasted jacket (pounds 69.99), neutral boot-cut trousers (pounds 34.99), pinstripe wrap shirt (pounds 26.99), grey boot cut trousers (pounds 34.99), sleeveless fixed wrap shirt (pounds 24.99) and neutral skirt (pounds 29.99).
red rib fleece jacket (pounds 34.99), navy track pants with pink stripe (pounds 34.99), black sweat jacket (pounds 24.99), active boot-cut trousers (pounds 29.99), pink cropped top pounds 16.99, all from Next; EXERCISE...
Barefoot, wearing dark boot-cut stretch pants and a pink capsleeve T-shirt, she seems to just stand there doing nothing.