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This cuts maintenance time, since the CTRC can maintain the boot images centrally, rather than at each server.
Configure advanced boot image file options, such as whether the files have extended or normal capacity.
Double-Take Flex for HPC extends Windows HPC Server customers' investments in iSCSI SAN infrastructure and provides a powerful underlying iSCSI Storage Server tuned especially for sharing HPC nodes' boot images.
The new appliance delivers boot images on RAID volumes with hot-swappable internal hard drives.
Optional Add-On - Double-Take Flex also provides administrators the option of using RES PowerFuse User Workspace Delivery Software to keep track of user's unique profile changes independent of the master boot image.
Enhanced client-side data persistence when booting multiple devices from a single shared iSCSI boot image.
Optional host side persistence when booting multiple devices from a single shared iSCSI boot image.
sanFly(TM) Allows Customers New to SAN Boot to Easily Set Up and Test an iSCSI Boot Solution While Also Offering Advanced Functionality to Customers Requiring Shared iSCSI Boot Images With Persistence
E[acute accent]In the event of a server failure, Topp's team can quickly create a new server from the golden boot image, mount the most recent replay to a new volume on the server and restore full services.
Compellent's Boot from SAN feature optimizes the boot process by creating a golden copy of the boot image on the SAN rather than on the internal disk drives within every server - saving money, increasing performance and conserving capacity.
NexusWare ISM includes a pre-ported Linux Kernel with standard debug tools, boot image utilities, embedded tools and APIs.
The IPStor Backup & BareMetal Recovery (BBMR) solution significantly reduces recovery time in the event of a server, desktop, or notebook hard drive crash due to virus attack, software crash, mechanical failure, or human error, by capturing the boot image and data of a designated server, desktop, or notebook.
The Linux host option supports QNX Momentics tool functionality for building and developing QNX Neutrino RTOS systems -- from embedded flash and boot image creation, to C/C++/Java development, to runtime analysis and debugging.
This software tool enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify management of their embedded network devices by accessing and booting from boot image files on a server.
The supported boot images of Android and Linux are provided in separate microSD cards for convenience.