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a substance used to produce a shiny protective surface on footwear


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A GRAFFITI gang have defaced a Tyneside town with spray paint and boot polish.
It's an amazing substitute for boot polish. Simply rub the inside of the banana skin on to the shoe and then buff up the leather with a dry cloth as normal.
Could it be that Johnny was buying multiple jars of vaseline, cotton buds, boot polish and deodorant in a Donegal service station for a new film?
Scientists have also discovered animal tranquillisers, diesel, depressants, wax, rubber, soil, liquorice and even boot polish in the cheap drug.
The choices for finishes might include boot polish, glaze, tempera paint or polymer gloss.
Worst of all was getting stripped naked and having the design of a United kit rubbed on to your body in boot polish.
As a junior working in the Ornamental Works department at Etruria, it had been Harry''s job to go to a shop in the village to purchase three dozen tins of boot polish at a time to be used for Mrs Warrilow''s secret process.
Remember if you've been slapping on that black colour that looks no more natural than boot polish then the correction may take several visits before the colour is rectified.
Barry cobbler Nick Frangoulis said he would be interested in supplying boot polish to the academy, which would require tens of thousands of tins of various kinds of polish for trainees.
"Basically they used a lot of elbow grease and boot polish courtesy of Kiwi to raise pounds 158.11p towards our camping trip at the end of next month."
They included fruit, boot polish, vinegar, ink, petrol, cloves, cheese, coffee, mustard, curry and wine.