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a substance used to produce a shiny protective surface on footwear


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Once they 'debagged' me, hung my trousers from the rugby post and put boot polish on my bare backside.
And then obviously boot polish and things like that.
The fake drug dealers pass off boot polish or liquorice as cannabis, and wax wrapped in foil as crack cocaine and aspirin pills, with the markings rubbed off on the side of a matchbox, as tablets.
The brainchild of photographer Nick Knight, he claims it was inspired by his pics of an early '80s bovver boot rally in East London which exploded into bone-crunching violence across Brick Lane's cobbles, capturing that day's smell of "sweat, boot polish and local curry houses".
Organised by the Indian Social Club, in association with the Indian embassy, the Raj Kapoor Film Festival promises to be a treat to all fans of 'the showman', with a host of unforgettable films like Awara, Boot Polish, Sangam, Bobby and Barsaat being screened.
Could it be that Johnny was buying multiple jars of vaseline, cotton buds, boot polish and deodorant in a Donegal service station for a new film?
Boot polish creates an almost leather-like appearance.
I'd certainly advise the use of black boot polish or dubbin to cover up those horrible boots - who really thinks different colour boots on each foot is a good thing?
Because if someone so wealthy ends up with hair that looks like an epileptic has gone at it with a tin of Poundland boot polish, then it's not going to work for anybody.
Boot polish, henna, chalk and charcoal provided the means to draw.
As a junior working in the Ornamental Works department at Etruria, it had been Harry''s job to go to a shop in the village to purchase three dozen tins of boot polish at a time to be used for Mrs Warrilow''s secret process.
SPARE a thought for my dyslexic mate who smeared his lower portions with boot polish at 1am on Sunday.
The Metrix Consortium, which made the successful bid for the college development, has pledged to use local suppliers for all aspects of the project, including the supply of eggs, bacon, coffee, tea and even boot polish.
Get an empty small boot polish tin, preferably one with a wing type opener, and use it as a portable ash tray.