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an additional dose that makes sure the first dose was effective

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This is the first proof ever that immunization with a series of prime and booster shots using designer proteins can produce bNAbs against HIV.
What I meant is that it is not the role of the Central bank to elevate sentiment unduly, to deliver booster shots to the stock market so that it can soar for a while only to collapse when reality hits.
5 million Grade 1 students have been given the measles-rubella vaccine while only 270,618 pupils have been administered the tetanus-diphtheria booster shot.
WASHINGTON -- Immunizing expectant mothers with the Tdap vaccine booster shot resulted in higher cord serum levels of pertussis toxin antibodies, according to a study from Argentina.
The Health Department told that all children under age of five years will be given booster shots to thwart the measles from roots.
Now, thanks to the irrational fears of some parents, the population's immunity has weakened to the point that physicians are recommending adults get booster shots since it is likely their immunity also has weakened over time.
It has created a vertically integrated line of 50 custom developed healthy product categories such as organic, cold-pressed juices, soups, smoothies, salads, booster shots, gourmet entrees and desserts.
One month after the infant shots and again after the booster shots, the children had blood levels drawn to determine if they had developed immunity against the diseases for which they were immunized.
Children with the highest perfluorinated pollutant exposures tended to exhibit a less robust response to the vaccines than those with the lowest levels, both before and after their booster shots.
The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) recently had a convention to discuss the growing number of adults who are choosing to skip vaccinations and booster shots.
For FPV, FHV and FCV, the AAFP recommends that all kittens be initially vaccinated as early as six weeks of age and receive booster shots every three to four weeks after that until they are about 16 weeks old.
Approximately one-fifth of the children had blood drawn at 18 months, and blood samples were drawn before the booster shots at age 5 years for 532 children and 7 years for 464 children.
And it's not because infants are no longer vaccinated, but because adults, especially parents and caregivers, do not get booster shots.
The placebo-controlled study, consisting of a prime vaccine and three booster shots, was conducted in more than 16,000 Thai citizens who were HIV negative at baseline.
However, given that the adaptors only stay attached for three to four days, the researchers say that any such treatment would require booster shots to be effective.