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an additional dose that makes sure the first dose was effective

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What I meant is that it is not the role of the Central bank to elevate sentiment unduly, to deliver booster shots to the stock market so that it can soar for a while only to collapse when reality hits.
WASHINGTON -- Immunizing expectant mothers with the Tdap vaccine booster shot resulted in higher cord serum levels of pertussis toxin antibodies, according to a study from Argentina.
It's equally important for adults to be properly immunized, yet they are often unaware they need a booster shot to prevent the spread of some of these terrible diseases.
The booster shots adults tend to keep up with are for tetanus only, she said, with the last DPT combination vaccines usually given around age 12.
The placebo-controlled study, consisting of a prime vaccine and three booster shots, was conducted in more than 16,000 Thai citizens who were HIV negative at baseline.
However, given that the adaptors only stay attached for three to four days, the researchers say that any such treatment would require booster shots to be effective.
As always with juice bars, Sejuiced sells a range of booster shots rumoured to do everything from helping with weight loss to curing hangovers.
Following a December voluntary recall of Haeomphilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccines because of concerns about sterility, federal health officials have advised parents and caregivers to delay scheduled Hib booster shots for 12- to 15-month-olds.
This means that people are getting booster shots when their immunity levels most likely do not require it.
Yet award-finalist author and pet lover John Clifton logically and rationally argues against so-called conventional wisdom, such as vaccinating against diseases that pets will never be exposed to (like Lyme disease for a pet that does not live in or won't travel to an area infested with it) or the use of annual booster shots.
To enable this, we want to make it easier with something we call booster shots.
Babies as young as 6 weeks old can begin immunization, which involves getting a shot and then two booster shots.
Where many cultures enjoy a leisurely breakfast before work and perhaps even a lunchtime nap, to meet the demands of their Fast New World Americans have adopted the morning latte and the afternoon frappachino, with booster shots of expresso in between.
Now Philosophy introduces Booster Shots, as a revolutionary way of taking skincare to the next level.
I summoned every breath of the Force possible and swiftly lifted a screaming John David from beneath the chair, on to my lap and the nurse popped his little biceps with the booster shots.