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a member of the baby boom generation in the 1950s

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It is based on demographic (age, income, assets, debt) and attitudinal differences and groups boomers into four segments:
The historical legacy of the boomers was not to be a new Camelot, of which they'd dreamed since their youth, but the Lewinsky White House.
That means a lot of Boomers may end up in government-supported long term care, which will be hard-pressed to accommodate additions to an already overwhelming group.
The Baby Boomers are beginning to make plans for retirement.
Project 2030's purpose is to "analyze the impacts of the aging of Minnesota's baby boom and create momentum within all sectors to plan and prepare responses to the demographic shifts that will culminate in 2030 when the first baby boomers begin to turn 85" (as per the Minnesota Department of Human Services Web site, www.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2011, the 76 million baby boomers will comprise 40% of the work force.
During the next decade, approximately 4 million baby boomers will turn 50 every year, according to Boomer Project, a Richmond, Va.
Main survey: a nationwide sample of 1,005 middle-income Boomers (261 from the Midwest).
The financial services industry has spent the better part of a decade treating Boomers as a single and cohesive group," said Meredith Lloyd Rice Cogent Research Senior Project Director and author of the study.
Then the positive effects on the market will reverse as boomers retire and the cohort moves from being prime savers to dissavers.
CHICAGO -- At 80 million strong, baby boomers are one of the largest demographics in the United States.
3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Conventional wisdom says that Millennials (18-32 year olds) and Boomers (49-67 year olds) are more different than alike.
VALENCIA - For all the Baby Boomers out there who feel the conflicting mix of emotions that comes with weathering half a century, a new Valencia housing development might be the antidote - that is, if it doesn't sell out.
There are more than 77 million aging baby boomers who will need some type of support as they age, yet our current long term care system is not sustainable.
Establishing brand identity and wooing the baby boomers are the goals of companies that made presentations at the conference sponsored by A.