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Synonyms for boomerang

Synonyms for boomerang

to produce an unexpected and undesired result


Synonyms for boomerang

a miscalculation that recoils on its maker

return to the initial position from where it came

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Customers walking into Boomarang Diners find 1950s paraphernalia scattered about and photographs of 1950s icons such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe on the walls.
"The total investment necessary to begin operation of a traditional Boomarang Diner franchise ranges from $111,800 to $550,550," says Graves.
He opened a second Muskogee diner in 2002, but named it "Boomerang Diner" for the saying "Keep Coming Back." Afterward a customer thanked him for bringing back "the old Boomarang." Degraffenreid did not know what the customer meant until he discovered that by accident he had located in a building that had previously housed the "Boom A Rang Drive-In," a popular Muskogee hangout before his time.
Boomarang operations are now in the hands of his two sons.
While India is being represented by the famous Bollywood duo Salim-Sulaiman, apart from Indigo Children (New Delhi), Petri Dish Project (Mumbai), Boomarang (Mizoram), Advaita (New Delhi), Motherjane (Cochin) & Junkyard Groove (Chennai), what is certainly going to be a highlight feature of the festival is the girl-band of Zeb & Haniya from Pakistan who belong to the conflict-torn region of Pakistan - Peshawar.