Boolean logic

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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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The researchers conducted their Boolean search by accessing http://www.
The electronic version of this text offers several other options that are definitely an advantage over its printed version--for example, the ability to choose a font and font size, the quick search option using Boolean search parameters (a feature that is in addition to the index), the bookmark and export options, which allows the user to create study notes, and the history tab, which chronologically lists every page previously clicked.
It's much easier to ask our search engine a simple question like 'find me an Oracle network administrator' than it is to use some convoluted Boolean search method.
It tutors readers on how to devise a search strategy and phrase elementary Boolean search commands; how search engines, subject directories, and portals differ; and how to reach information a search engine cannot find.
First, there is a Boolean search facility, which allows users to find items sharing common features.
The on-line manual proved to be somewhat cumbersome, as one has to interrupt the search constantly to locate the proper codes and/or the sequence required for formulating a Boolean search.
The basic online service runs $750 and the complete package, which includes full text of bills and Boolean search capability, is $2,150.