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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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The findings of the study have proved that there is a degree of influence on factors such as; internet self-efficacy, computer self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, use of search engines and use of Boolean search operators on information retrieval effectiveness.
1) Don't rely on "Boolean searches." A sure sign of a lazy researcher is the citation of cases which, when read in full, do not stand for the proposition for which the cases were cited.
However, if the pastoral material is removed, the number of chapters found using the Boolean search strategy shows a trend similar to that found for articles and books (i.e, a fairly consistent increase in number over the last four time blocks).
(4.) A Boolean search, named for the British mathematician George Boole, uses "operators," such as and or or, to define a relationship between terms.
"It's much easier to ask our search engine a simple question like 'find me an Oracle network administrator' than it is to use some convoluted Boolean search method."
It tutors readers on how to devise a search strategy and phrase elementary Boolean search commands; how search engines, subject directories, and portals differ; and how to reach information a search engine cannot find.
First, there is a Boolean search facility, which allows users to find items sharing common features.
The on-line manual proved to be somewhat cumbersome, as one has to interrupt the search constantly to locate the proper codes and/or the sequence required for formulating a Boolean search. This means that one should print out part of the handbook included in the online help module, in order that this can serve as a manual for use in the conventional way.
The basic online service runs $750 and the complete package, which includes full text of bills and Boolean search capability, is $2,150.
"The embedded dtSearch allowed GVPi to implement AILA's complex advanced search capabilities across various content types, and includes features such as stemming, synonyms (thesaurus), Boolean search, saved searches and the ability to search specific sets of content," according to a recent case study.
The index is poor, and one wants to be able to search this information with a Boolean search so that precious time is not wasted.
- The ability to conduct precise funding searches using a step-by-step project search and advanced Boolean search capabilities.
Also helpful is the section on applying Boolean search operations in electronic searches and evaluating electronically based references for their suitability in scholarly research.
Appendices include copies of consent forms and questionnaires, a worksheet for a computer search, a form for recording observations, a lesson plan and worksheet for the "Computer Catalog Caper," instructions and a worksheet for a research project on scientists, card catalog and Boolean search signs, tips for searching the computer catalog, and a list of research steps.