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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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However, if the pastoral material is removed, the number of chapters found using the Boolean search strategy shows a trend similar to that found for articles and books (i.
The researchers conducted their Boolean search by accessing http://www.
It's much easier to ask our search engine a simple question like 'find me an Oracle network administrator' than it is to use some convoluted Boolean search method.
It tutors readers on how to devise a search strategy and phrase elementary Boolean search commands; how search engines, subject directories, and portals differ; and how to reach information a search engine cannot find.
The most notable addition is a new "Visualize & Compare" tool that allows users to compare and analyze any two or three result sets or lists of patents, regardless of the underlying search mechanism, for example a comparison between a Boolean search result and a semantic search result.
Our knowledge of advanced Boolean search strategies has always been a way to prove our value, but learning to use complex search features available through aggregators such as Google must be a skill we are constantly developing.
Also helpful is the section on applying Boolean search operations in electronic searches and evaluating electronically based references for their suitability in scholarly research.
Notice the full Boolean search capability and nested logic in the example (fast OR speed) AND NOT light.