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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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Under the conventional interpretation, the input to a Boolean operator is either 0 or 1.
The Crossfire Crossword puzzle reiterated the unique Boolean Operators: Near, Next, and Proximity, used to search the Crossfire database (see Figure 1).
On the help page, users are advised that Boolean operators do not work with this search engine.
In a few cases, we were limited by the original FirstSearch's interface, which kept us from truncating or using the OR Boolean operator more than three times in a search.
With Z39.50 version 3, you can also build very complex search queries that involve Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).
Similarly, even using specific search terms like the file names above, we can still reach a stage of retrieving a number of files which include that search term, so you can imagine the screens of files that will appear as a result of searching for the term "library" or "technology." Those of you with online searching experience won,t be surprised that we use Boolean operators to effect effective searching, and minimize the huge volume of material we can obtain.
A combination of these keywords was also applied using Boolean Operators [11].
One search will be in one query and add Boolean operator to show the relationship between 2 queries.
Despite this limitation, their study provided useful information on users' conceptualisations of Boolean operator usage, the ordering of terms in a query, and suffix expansions.
there is no way of inserting a Boolean operator, but the search functions as if there were a default "AND" (such as: composer="Bach" AND tide="BWV244").
The students explore Boolean matching by writing and executing simple Boolean queries: pairs of elementary queries (terms) connected by a single Boolean operator (OR, AND), or a pair of operators (AND NOT), which simulate set difference.
By default, PubMed automatically combines the terms using the Boolean operator AND to bring up articles that include all the terms entered.
Keywords: Boolean Query, Information Retrieval, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Fuzzy Logic, Term Weights, and Boolean Operator Weights.
Remove the last occurrence of the Boolean operator "OR" and click Search.