Boolean logic

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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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The parallel branches and sub-branches of a LLD rung represent the OR boolean logic operations.
We made distinctions between the Boolean logic systems and the neutrosophic logic systems.
Birkhoff and von Neumann initiated the quantum logic dialogue based on a more complicated phase-space, noting a correspondence between classical dynamics and Boolean logic.
It is also the Classical or Boolean Logic, which has two numerical-values: truth 1 and falsity 0.
Boolean logic did it instead, and where's the self-satisfaction in that?
Even Boolean logic, a mainstay of online searching, changes in this new environment.
She will cover common questions about how to properly use search engines and databases as well as more in-depth items like using Boolean logic to create the best search strategies for finding relevant documents, managing bookmarks, and effective use of RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts.
The topological calculation is of particular interest because it is configured graphically and works procedurally without the need for any extensive project-specific Boolean logic.
What we've developed is a device that can be configured in a logic circuit that is capable of performing all the necessary Boolean logic and can be cascaded to develop sophisticated function units," said Bruce W.
Users quickly and easily search for information by using phrases, sentences, paragraphs or even entire documents of text rather than Boolean logic or complicated taxonomies.
She explains the mathematical history involved, including the influence of Boolean logic on Dodgson.
Trying to find resources for Jane Austen gave the same number of hits whether or not inverted commas or Boolean logic was applied and the results were not all relevant.
The book presupposes a good knowledge of advanced calculus and Boolean logic.
The assumption is that we want to use Boolean logic and sophisticated field queries.