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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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Libraries could instead save millions of dollars by discontinuing subscriptions to these databases, and focus on teaching researchers how to effectively search Google Scholar or how to use Siri to find biographic information for your researcher paper instead of how to develop an advanced search strategy using Boolean logic to find literature in a database that is complex and difficult to use.
The parallel branches and sub-branches of a LLD rung represent the OR boolean logic operations.
Radojevic, "New [0,1]-valued logic: a natural generalization of Boolean logic," Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research, vol.
We made distinctions between the Boolean logic systems and the neutrosophic logic systems.
Smullyan presents general interest readers with an extremely complex logic problem and then leads them, through a series of smaller, simpler problems, employing Boolean logic, through to its solution.
Just as Boolean logic provides the basis upon which modern classical computing logic is formed, clearly expressed quantum logic is now required in order to fully utilize quantum computing power.
The "Searcher's Toolkit" remains: seven basic tools, including Boolean logic, which Bell then clearly demonstrates in separate chapters on major social science, science and medicine, bibliography, humanities, and numbers/statistics databases.
The extension to a much larger network of slime mold tubes could process nanoparticles and carry out sophisticated Boolean logic operations of the kind used by computer circuitry.
It is also the Classical or Boolean Logic, which has two symbol-values: truth T and falsity F.
Pringle begins the collection by introducing theories of Einstein and defining fault tree analysis (FTA), in which Boolean logic is used to analyze engineering, safety, and--in Pringle's case--the scientific ticking of the clock.
Boolean logic did it instead, and where's the self-satisfaction in that?
Here, we provide a formal syntax definition for assertion proposition logic, namely, Assertion Boolean Logic.
So I ask, with all the complex billing and provisioning software available, and with the massive amounts of customer data operators have, does it not seem reasonable that such a simple problem could be easily resolved though basic Boolean logic?