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an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra

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Definition 6 Balanced Boolean Function: If the Hamming weight of a Boolean function of n variables is 2n-1, it is called a balanced Boolean function.
Control inputs are used to specify the functionality of the circuit and remaining four inputs are used to implement Boolean function of four variables.
k](f) when k tends to infinity (in this approach f is treated as a boolean function of countably many variables, even though it depends only on the finite number of them).
If v[member of]V has in-degree k, 0 < k < 2, then [beta](v) is a k-ary boolean function from B.
Thus, a natural parameter defined on any Boolean function f: [{0, 1}.
Yashchenko contributed to the series with a volume on applying Boolean functions in the analysis and design of ciphers.
Boolean functions -- searching for several words, subjects and so on in various combinations (for example "both x and y", "either x or y") -- are likewise possible, which helps to focus the search and make it more efficient.
The library is very rich in terms of Boolean functions, cell topologies and drive strengths.
Boolean functions in cryptology and information security; proceedings.
Powerful Boolean functions facilitate creating custom
Some specific areas examined include the proof complexity of polynomial identities, fixed polynomial size circuit bounds, extractors for low-weight affine sources, Lipschitz continuous ordinary differential equations, and the complexity of Boolean functions in different characteristics.
Some specific topics covered include Boolean functions for pair sharing analysis, the construction of digital community colleges with Chinese characteristics, link connectivity analysis models of satellite communication networks, wireless data transmission based on embedded systems, management of insurance information, and integration of RFID techniques and e-commerce logistics.
It does so by analyzing the connectivity of the transistors and assigning Boolean functions to each of the nodes based upon a rigorous analysis of the circuit.