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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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Thus, assume Joan was a stockbroker who completed the survey; Joan's scores on the two calibrated sales performance scales equal 0.82 and 0.44; using a Boolean algebra rule for estimating how much these two estimates share in common, Joan's confirmed score is equal to 0.44.
This approach, called the interpolative Boolean networks (IBN), is based on interpolative Boolean algebra (IBA), the [0,1]-valued realization of BA [31].
The next few sections discuss broad categories of operations, including statistics, risk assessment, Boolean algebra, and types of calculations for economics and engineering.
Also, we propose a modified LSB embedding technique with XOR Boolean algebra operation in order to get the high embedding capacity.
Garsia [7] obtained this basis by transferring a natural basis from the Stanley-Reisner ring F[[B.sub.n]] of the Boolean algebra [B.sub.n] to the polynomial ring F[X].
A complete Heyting algebra L is said to be a complete Boolean algebra if it obeys the law of double negation: [for all] [alpha] [member of] L, ([alpha] [right arrow] 0) [right arrow] 0 = [alpha].
In [3] aspects related to Boolean algebra for record arrays are presented and a O{BD(R,S,C)} is proposed as a Boolean algebra of all possible answers and the mechanisms specific to large databases (BIGD).
Foster, The idempotent elements of a commutative ring form a Boolean Algebra, Duke math.
But on the other hand, illuminating model-theoretic analogues of the completeness theorem have long been known to be available--for example, the fact that every subset of a Boolean algebra with the finite intersection property may be extended to a maximal proper filter of that algebra, which can also be expressed by saying that every Boolean algebra is a subdirect product of copies of the two-element one.
In his survey, Bloom examines everyday items -- the seed, the egg, the string, the beehive, the night sky -- "as if you've never seen them before." For instance, he guides readers in observing the development of the scratch mark in clay used by Babylonians to count barleycorns, showing how this crude technology came about and evolved into the study of mathematics and, six thousand years later, into Boolean algebra and the basis for computer science.
BDE follows the general procedures of the classic DE, except that the mutation operation is implemented by Boolean algebra. Assume that [[??].sub.i,G] = ([X.sub.1,i,G],[X.sub.2,i,G],...,[X.sub.D,i,G]) (i = 1,2,..., NP) is a solution vector at generation G, which is represented by D-bit binary strings, where NP is the population size and D is the problem dimension.
We will cooperate with local communities in telling our workers where to go." No thought was given to how well a person trained in textile machinery operations for 23 years was going to absorb information about Boolean algebra.
A sample of paper topics includes the study of user interactions based on pen tilt, an image denoising method based on wavelet spatial correlation edge detection and zerotree-like structure, and solving SAT problem with Boolean algebra. The papers contain step-by-step reports of current research by engineers who are based mainly in China, with an abstract, list of keywords, and formulas, diagrams, and other supporting materials included with each paper.