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a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole

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The model can be applied if the structure is Boolean [19] but is not limited to this case due to the central limit theorem [22].
Our main contributions in this work can be summarized as follows: (1) an improved SDF-generating technique is presented, (2) a highly optimized GPU kernel is designed to estimate the gradient required by LSM, and (3) an extremely fast Boolean operation method is proposed to obtain the needed geometries from the LSM output.
In this paper, we proposed the Boolean consistent [0,1]-valued generalization of BN.
Resilient functions (see Definition 3), first studied by Siegenthaler in [5], are a special class of Boolean functions and find many interesting applications in stream ciphers.
The state of a Boolean network at each time step can be expressed as a vector whose elements represent the state of all the nodes at that time step.
[18] presented an efficient searchable encryption scheme to perform boolean expression query, and proved the scheme secure through a simulation based formal proof.
Boolean Restriction Model: To locate a suitable site, Boolean method was used within a GIS environment.
When a search request has more than one Boolean connector, use parentheses to clarify.
Key Words: information storage and retrieval; PubMed searching, Boolean operators, search field tags, wildcard, use of keywords.
Additionally, Excel supports Boolean values, which are represented in cells as TRUE and FALSE.
The extension to a much larger network of slime mold tubes could process nanoparticles and carry out sophisticated Boolean logic operations of the kind used by computer circuitry.
In [2-5], the authors defined the notions of n-fold (implicative, positive implicative, Boolean, fantastic, obstinate, and normal) filters in BL-algebras and studied the relation among them.