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the proprietor of a bookstore

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The bookselling offer is valid on single purchases of 150 paperback/hardback copies or more that are of the same title and format and shipped to a single address.
based Institute for Justice argue that a bookselling ban violates the First Amendment.
IDC notes that the European online bookselling industry has recently seen several high profile mergers and acquisitions, most notably the alliance between BOL and the Scandinavian bookstore Bokus, which it attributes to the growing pressure to increase sales and become profitable faster.
Stores that aren't doing well are those that insist on staying in 1974, where bookselling takes a back seat to activism.
Caroline Hewins, Anne Carroll Moore, Alice Jordan, and Bertha tha Mahony are notable for their work in numerous areas: children's libarianship, bookselling, teaching, literary criticism, writing, organizing, and leadership of professional associations.
This Key Note Market Report examines the bookselling market in the UK, comprising of consumer, academic and professional, and school books.
com)-- AwesomeBooks, a leading online retailer of new and used books, have decided to take on a placement student as part of efforts to further develop their bookselling knowledge.
Meanwhile the Sue Butterworth Award for Young Bookseller of the Year, which is sponsored by HarperCollins, was taken by Amy Tipper from Borders UK, and the Harlequin Mills & Boon Direct Bookselling Company of the Year award went to Amazon.
4 percent, according to the trade publication Bookselling This Week.
The company reported net earnings from bookselling for the fourth quarter of USD123.
When Hurricane Katrina assaulted the Gulf Coast, devastating lives and livelihoods, it did not spare the region's bookselling community.
This report looks at the bookselling market in the UK.
In today's bookselling industry, whispers of six--if not seven--figure deals for up-and-coming authors are fairly common.
The winners for 2003 are The Reader's Digest Bookselling Company of the Year - Ottakar's; The Daily Mail Independent Bookshop of the Year Award - Peak Bookshop, Chesterfield; The Bookseller Services to Bookselling Award - Jacqueline Wilson; The Elsie Bertram Award to the Sales Person of the Year - Will Atkinson, Faber & Faber; The Baker Tilly Imprint of the Year - Abacus; The Editor of the Year - David Fickling, David Fickling Books; The van Tulleken Company Small Publisher of the Year - Profile Books; The Nielsen BookData Award for Innovation in the Book Business - BBC2's The Big Read; The Expert Books Marketing Campaign of the Year - Mark Harrison and Hannah Beckerman for BBC2's The Big Read; The Radio Cover Design of the Year - Rachael Ludbrook for The No.
Previous periods of economic depression have suggested that the UK market for bookselling is recession-proof.