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the proprietor of a bookstore

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Portfolio manager and head of European Private Equity at Elliott, Paul Best, also commented: "Our investment in Barnes & Noble, following our acquisition of Waterstones just over a year ago, demonstrates our commitment to bookselling and to real bookstores.
This commitment to bookselling excellence will strengthen the ability of both companies to navigate with success a rapidly changing retail landscape.
Its most recent pivot was to go back to its roots and concentrate on bookselling.
These are thrillers set in bookshops, or which feature owners or regulars from bookshops, the central plot with the bookselling or publishing industry in the background.
"We've applied 20 years of online bookselling experience to build a store that integrates the benefits of offline and online book shopping," Cast states in the letter.
The goal of the promo is to boost the author's bookselling campaign by equipping him with the materials to use in promotional events such as book signings or social conference.
Upon retirement she and her husband Art, opened Ten Eyck Books, an antiquarian bookselling business out of their home in Southborough.
A world trip set him up for a career in travel writing, via the scenic route of bookselling. After ten years at Lonely Planet and Holiday Which?
In the face of tumultuous change in the world of bookselling, Howorth has managed to navigate the shifts and emerge as a leader in the world of independent books stores.
Among the topics are monastic printing houses in the 15th century, the impact of printing in Exeter and Devon, towns and book culture in Hungary at the end of the 15th century and during the 16th, traveling "cerretaono' and publisher Ippolito Ferrarese in 16th-century Italy, printing presses in Antequera during the 16h century, and Santiago de Compostela as a case study of bookselling in the peripheries.
Graham Goble, head of international sales at Bertram Books, had used his unsuspecting employers' credit line to set up his own online bookselling business.
One of the joys of bookselling for me is the opportunity to see the latest publications from Julia Marshall's Gecko imprint.
13 ( ANI ): Amazon's founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has dismissed claims that the firm's online bookselling services will eventually lead to an end of local book shops and bookstores.
Four signed first editions were up for grabs for PS700 to PS1000 on bookselling website AbeBooks.
Microsoft teamed up with US bookselling giant Barnes and Noble in a venture aimed at grabbing a bigger share of the rapidly growing market for electronic books.