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the first of two Old Testament books telling the histories of the kings of Judah and Israel

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The Rephaim are not mentioned in the epilogues in the books of Kings. Suriano brings them in because in his opinion they represent a concept of ancestry that can be found throughout the ancient Near East.
When describing the place of the concept of ancestral identity within the books of Kings, Suriano suggests a relation with different deuteronomistic redactions.
In fact, it is much more likely that the manuscript contained only the Books of Kings. From 1 Kgs.
Just as 4Q365a should be considered as source material for the Temple Scroll, so too commentators on the Temple Scroll should consider that its allusions to the Books of Kings may have depended on such a text type as is now found in 4QKings.
Among the topics are the emergence and disappearance of the separation between the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomistic History in biblical studies, how to recognize a literary work in the Hebrew Bible, the envisioning of the land in the priestly material, Exodus 32-34 and the quest for an Enneateuch, and the criteria of judgment and Deuteronomism in the Books of Kings. The Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperbound edition; Brill publishes the hardbound.
Translation and interpretation in the Targum to the books of Kings.