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the first of two Old Testament books telling the history of Judah and Israel until the return from the Babylonian Captivity in 536 BC

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Following an introduction which outlines Vaughn's basic stance on such issues as the chronology of Hezekiah's reign, the dating of the books of Chronicles, and the dating of the Siloam Tunnel Inscription, attention is given in turn to two different types of archaeological phenomena which are taken to provide evidence that the Chronicler did indeed depend on historically reliable traditions--at least in 2 Chronicles 32:27-30, which concerns economic buildup and prosperity during Hezekiah's reign.
Other psalms bear superscriptions that relate to the names of the guilds of Levitical singers who are mentioned in the books of Chronicles.
This article cuts a cross section through the sixty-five chapters of Chronicles and asks particularly about the Chronicler's knowledge of Africa and Africans and how Africans related to and interacted with Israel in the Books of Chronicles.