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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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Ex libris, which is Latin for "from the library of," is a bookplate printed with the owner's name or initials.
Sometimes I even buy a book because of a very special bookplate.
Back then, bookplates usually displayed religious symbols or coats of arms or family crests of the wealthy families who were able to commission them from artists such as Hans Holbein, Albrecht Drer and Lucas Cranach.
1 Bears the bookplate Lady Dalhousie's and signature of papers are currently Lady Dalhousie; the held privately in bookplate of Frank Scotland by her Hogan; the bookplate descendants, with of Alberta Burke; and plans to deposit them pencil notes about eventually in a local Lady Dalhousie in archive Sassoon's handwriting B1.
45) Each entry in the Catalog of the Il'in Library indicates the presence of any bookplates, labels, or other evidence of provenance, whether of the Il'ins or anyone else.
This might sit next to a first edition or finer binding that was purchased later on, which might have one of his wonderful bookplates inserted.
He next moved to caricatures of individuals, including visiting musicians (including Leff Pouishnoff, Mischa Levitzki and Feodor Chaliapin) and friends such as Lawrence Baigent and Ian Milner, then to providing drawings for bookplates It was in bookplate drawings that his penchant for the grotesque first showed itself.
The manuscript contains the bookplates and monograms of several collectors, allowing its history to be reconstructed in some detail.
Volunteers personalize bookplates and read to the kids at three events.
Bookplates on the inside cover indicate that the volume has passed through at least two private libraries in the intervening years.
Designed to juxtapose the book owner's name alongside a chosen image, bookplates ideally showcase the way in which identity is selectively expressed-through occupation, hobby, and even sexual orientation.
Special bookplates will be available to personalize donations in Richardson's name.
Jeanette Special bookplates have been created by Wallasey's LT Printing Group and people can collect a bookplate from businesses at the Albert Dock and in the city centre, stick them in a book they want to swap and leave it for someone else to find and read.
These bookplates replaced book rhymes, a short poem or rhyme inside a book to discourage theft by indicating ownership, following the 19th century.
During an interview, held at his corner office at Fox headquarters in New York, O'Reilly barely looked up as he autographed a pile of bookplates to be put into copies to be sold on his website for a premium for charity.