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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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The research archive of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago (the author's institution) has a large number of books bearing the founder's hand-signed bookplate. These books were once in the general circulation, but they were removed from the public venue when several of the signed bookplates were discovered missing.
The collection of bookplates - over 150 of them - has been put together by children's author Anne Fine, OBE and donated to the Dyslexia Institute.
Swanick pointed out that "it is a century later." Another difficulty, he noted, is that libraries, naturally, don't catalogue books by bookplate. "People probably just walked off with a lot of them," he said.
The printed materials include a poster; bookplates; a "Parent Pages" booklet outlining the major messages and offering easy activities; and a Facilitator Guide geared to professionals working with parents, early childhood educators, and literacy providers.
Stewardship updates throughout the year that demonstrate a great "return on investment" to Friends members and potential members, as well as the opportunity to have gifts of a certain level recognized with personalized bookplates in new library materials, have helped make the Friend's annual fund campaign a vital source of these important funds.
While the apparent colorlessness of her life may well have been a reflection of the subordination of the individual to community discipline and the service of God typical of Amish society--her eulogy mentioned nothing about her artistic career-- her soul clearly found freedom of expression in the decorative bookplates, embellished family records, and tokens of remembrance she crafted, which glow with the colors of emotional release.
it has two different bookplates of William Henry Bliss (1835 1909).
Should you think that the other two are exceptions, the Bookworm (which often appears today on bookplates or on the covers of book catalogues) is a good kind of reply.
Some owners added their signatures or bookplates, thus helping to establish the volumes' history of ownership, or, to use the book-historical term, their provenance.
He left not only an impressive body of work but also a library - preserved, with its colourful bookplates by Kelt Edwards, at Aberystwyth University Library - and a substantial archive which is now at the National Library.
The manuscript contains the bookplates and monograms of several collectors, allowing its history to be reconstructed in some detail.
The contributions were permanently recorded on special bookplates and in AAS's online library catalog.
Rare book cataloguer Ken Gibb traced the book's history by tracking down the owners of several bookplates left inside it.
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