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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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Furthermore, with Bookmarks, only the user who saves the tweet will be aware of the same, and not the one whose tweet is saved, or any other user.
Linkman can automatically annotate bookmarks with keywords, remove duplicates, and validate the bookmark collection to show websites that don't exist anymore or have moved to a new location.
To view all your notes and bookmarks or add a note or bookmark, visit the viewer's "Tools" menu.
The bookmarks can also be purchased during office hours at the service's office in the city's Central Library in Smithford Way.
Bookmarks Magazine is a bi-monthly literary publication that regularly features articles about newsworthy books and authors and distills book reviews sourced from over 50 other publications.
com, features a new and simple way for users to keep track of all saved bookmarks and favorites, which can all be seen together.
The Springfield Public Library has selected nine young artists as the winners of the 2011 Children's Bookmark Contest.
Social bookmarking tools allow users to store, manage, search, organize, and share their bookmarks online and access them from anywhere.
And I would love to have Bookmarks on my Nook, too.
BOOKMARKS showing what to do in the event of a major emergency are being distributed across Teesside.
lt;p>If you use only Safari, Firefox, or both, the free Xmarks software (formerly known as Foxmarks) syncs bookmarks not only between browsers but also between computers you own (Mac or PC), and it even lets you access your bookmarks on the Web from someone else's computer.
Headteacher Nik Smith said: "We're lucky in our school to have children who love reading books and for them to be able to make their own bookmarks has been nice for them, and helps make reading even more exciting.
2collab allows users to store and organize bookmarks for Internet resources from any publisher or website.
They worked with Holmfirth Inner Wheel to design and make charity bookmarks.