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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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Some tools offer plug-ins for other browsers as well, and all offer browser add-ons (bookmarklets, extensions, etc.) for importing bibliographic information from web pages.
Once they are on the product page, the user clicks on the "Bundle It" bookmarklet to capture product information off the page.
For saving anything worth a read later, a user could simply click the bookmarklet and then click the sentence they want to save.
The new bookmarklet takes a step beyond the basic URL shortening and brings in some fun and style in expressing opinions or sharing a message.
Pins can be added from websites either by using the 'Pin It Bookmarklet' or by uploading an image that has been saved to your computer.
The Sophia Recommends Bookmarklet, A free browser add-on will be available at
craterlet, parrotlet and bookmarklet. Finally, monosyllabic and bisyllabic bases may end not only in a consonant, but also in a vowel or a diphthong.
It's a little free "bookmarklet" that sits on your toolbar and allows you to match any online image to an existing Sherwin-Williams color palette.
Tumblr recently made sharing even easier with its "Bookmarklet." The Bookmarklet is a button that Tumblr users drag to their bookmark blog.
The bookmarklet, which resides on any web browser, enables users drop any type of item from any website into any 20blinks collection with a single click from anywhere on the web.
Simply share the link's URL using the LinkedIn Updates box on your homepage, or download the Sharing Bookmarklet application (found under "tools" at the bottom of the page), which allows you to easily share anything on the web (e.g., news stories, blog posts, websites) directly to LinkedIn with the click of a button.
An easy-to-use bookmarklet lets you find and gather the videos you want to use.