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organ in many arachnids containing many thin folds of membrane resembling the leaves of a book

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When the larva hatches they crawl up the spider's legs and enter the booklungs.
This has been strongly refuted by Scholtz and Kamenz (2006) who argue that booklungs are an apomorphy of Araneae, that the Araneae are monophyletic and that they resulted from a single terrestrialisation event in their common stem lineage.
Once a host is found, the planidium climbs on to the spider, migrates to the spider's abdomen, and cuts a small hole to enter the spider en route to the booklungs (Schlinger 1987; see Nielsen et al.
Spiderlings were covered with a fine mist and the compound was forced into the booklungs.
Area between booklungs covered with smooth orange sternite continuous with epigynum; spermathecae separated by less than their width; epigynum with median trapezoidal plate at posterior margin (Fig.