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organ in many arachnids containing many thin folds of membrane resembling the leaves of a book

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jaumei group), Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part)], with both femur and chela neobothriotaxic [Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part)], or with only chela neobothriotaxic [Microtityus (Microtityus) (in part, only Microtityus litoralensis Gonzalez-Sponga 2001)]; dentate margin of pedipalp movable fingers composed of 9-12 oblique rows of granules, without accessory granules; tergites with three or five longitudinal carinae; pectines with well developed fulcra; sternum sub-pentagonal; booklung spiracles ovoid; subaculear tubercle strong and rhomboidal.
Most commonly, these ridges occur on the chelicerae (externally), and are rubbed by the palps; on the booklung covers, rubbed by the fourth legs; or on the coxae of the first legs rubbed by a peg on the second trochanters (e.
Breathing, or gas exchange, takes place in folded, accordion-pleated, tissue called booklungs.
Evidence for terrestriality in mesoscorpions was provided by demonstration of booklungs in Pulmonoscorpius Jeram, 1994 from early Carboniferous strata of East Kirkton in Scotland (Jeram 1990, 1994).