mug shot

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a photograph of someone's face (especially one made for police records)

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So the detective looked at the suspect's information and compared it with a booking photograph of the man under arrest.
A conservatory order is hereby issued restraining the Inspector General of Police and the Director of Criminal Investigations from posting suspects and accused persons booking photographs on the internet pending the determination of this case," said Justice Okwany.
and a vital interest in knowing about crime and law enforcement." At issue in this case is a 2013 request by the Free Press to obtain the booking photographs of four Highland Park police officers who were
The district court ruled that Giro's booking photographs were exempt from FOIA because they didn't serve the public interest.
If the defendant pleads self-defense in court, prosecutors may choose to introduce booking photographs in court to rebut such claims.
Their booking photographs betrayed the tiredness and strain of having their true identities exposed and cover stories blown.