mug shot

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a photograph of someone's face (especially one made for police records)

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The district court ruled that Giro's booking photographs were exempt from FOIA because they didn't serve the public interest.
Their faces stare out from booking photographs, expressions ranging from anguish to contempt.
If the defendant pleads self-defense in court, prosecutors may choose to introduce booking photographs in court to rebut such claims.
ImageWare's Web-enabled and wireless investigative solutions have given real-time access to booking photographs and associated booking information," said Thomas J.
Their booking photographs betrayed the tiredness and strain of having their true identities exposed and cover stories blown.
The drawing closely resembled previous booking photographs of Zavala, said Thousand Oaks police Sgt.
The evidence included Boston Police booking photographs of both KORNEGAY brothers in the months after the offense.
When that drew concerns about possible misidentification, Bernson won council approval of an amendment to also broadcast the booking photographs of arrestees and to wait until the person is convicted to avoid lawsuits involving people who are later acquitted of solicitation charges.